How To Know The Will of YHVH For Your Life Series

In times like this it is more important than ever to know what the will of the Lord is. A wrong turn can cost you your life. Hanging with the wrong crowd can make you a statistic, and change the direction of your future. Constantly putting off following the Lord can come a day too late. If we ever needed to know God and what it is He has us here to accomplish this is the time. Today is definitely the day. While we all would like to have the testimony of Solomon as it relates to wisdom beyond measure, prosperity on every level, and peace in the midst of our borders, the reality is even with everything you can miss it. Solomon is a great example of how God can bless you with everything you need to accomplish His will and yet if you take your eyes off of Him, Solomon becomes our example of how you can miss it. It is not enough to enter the race, many do that, but scripture teaches us a man who puts his hands to the plough and look back isn’t fit for the kingdom of God. (Lk 9:62) Thus walking in the will of the Lord is a daily decision that we must choose to make.
Knowing the reason why we are here is the single most important question we need answered after we submit to Yahushah as our King. Yet we shouldn’t believe that finding out this most valuable information is something that we will get overnight. Many distractions and challenges will happen in life that will derail our attention from finding out this most vital information. Sidetracks and bunny trails will remove us from the steady and sure course that he has already established for us.
Everything God created had purpose, which means he willed it into existence. Or another way of saying it, the things that exist, exist as a result of His will. In light of the current social climate I think this is a perfect place to address this train of thought that says that we wish people didn’t see color, or to say a persons color is irrelevant. I would like to say that God created us whatever hue of skin we have. A more forgiving statement is I wish people wouldn’t allow the color they see to make a difference in how they esteem them. We had no choice in the matter, the white person didn’t get to choose how white they are the black couldn’t choose how black, the native American couldn’t choose how red, and the Asian couldn’t choose how yellow. In other words it is in Yah’s domain, which tells me that He had a purpose for making it that way. He didn’t choose to make us all the same complexion, he chose to make a distinction.
This thinking of removing the distinction of color allows for removing the distinction of gender and God clearly has a purpose for both.  Scripture is replete with examples of the distinctive role of a man versus a woman, and that distinction was not that one has more worth than the other, but a different yet collaborative purpose from the other.  If we would appreciate our differences it would do more for relations in marriage, with people of different nationalities, and within our governmental systems. But again, it all is within understanding His will. Which is what this series seeks to uncover.
Our failure as Christians reveals itself in the face of adversity. A sense of compassion and unity is easily replaced with animosity and rage when we observe our atmosphere from our own eyes instead of from an aerial view. From an aerial view it is clear that the world is bigger than just us. It is apparent that the long-suffering of the Lord is based on a much larger scale then our momentary affliction. Whatever our pain, discomfort, affliction is, it pales in comparison to the glory that is yet to be revealed in us. To the combined mission that Yah is performing over the entire world. I know craziness is occurring everywhere and it is much easier to blame or point fingers at those things that we can see, but let’s not forget there is an unseen entity that is pulling the strings.
I am being led to start this series with the characteristics of God that should be in us. Since the ultimate goal is to be in His image and likeness it is important that we understand what that looks like. Therefore, the current issues at hand makes it important for me to start with the 7 characteristics of YHVH that should be in us. We will find it hard to understand the will of the Lord if we don’t understand some basic things about His character.
The scriptures below are key scriptures that will be carried through the entire series.  Father, I thank you that you have not revealed these precious truths to the wise or the prudent but unto babes.  Your ways are far beyond ours and your thoughts are far beyond ours.  We thank you for giving us wisdom, knowledge, and revelation.  Help us to make whatever changes we need to make so that we can be all that you have called us to be and complete all that you have planned for our lives.
Eph 5:17 Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.
Pro 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.
Act 21:14 And when he would not be persuaded, we ceased, saying, The will of the Lord be done.
2Co 8:5 And this they did, not as we hoped, but first gave their own selves to the Lord, and unto us by the will of God.
Do you know the eight characteristics of a snake that you as a believer should apply to your life?  In this series you will discover this insightful information and how to apply this wisdom to everyday situations that occur.  You will also learn a different way to study scripture applying the principle of understanding that which is natural and how it applies to us spiritually.  This series is currently in production.   If this is something you would be interested in having please sign up here for an e-book.  E-book cost $5.00.




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