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Understanding and celebrating YHWH’s Holy Day’s. Ideas that help make a special set apart time enjoyable and understandable for all families.

Spring Cleaning

The Feast of Unleavened Bread is a perfect time to do spring cleaning.  It’s an ideal time to clean both the in and outside of your cup.  Those who keep or at least commemorate The Feast of Unleavened Bread understand the importance of ridding ones home of any and all leaven.  Those of us who love Messiah knows no matter how many places you look or no matter how thorough you are there is a possibility you have overlooked some and found leaven in your midst.  Bottomline even when we strive to live a life without leaven (sin), it’s presence is always near lurking in the corners or recesses of our mind.  Not that we always reach for it or touch it, because it is far easier to keep from eating leaven for seven days then to locate all leaven that could be stuck in drawers or little fragments waisted here or there.  Thus as scripture says, “…when I would do good evil is present with me.” (Rom. 7:21)

Amazing thing for me is every year I observe the feast the more humble I become concerning it.  It helps me realize how vulnerable I am to sin and how desperately I need his wisdom and direction.  The more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know.  When starting to keep the feast there is this childlike zeal you get like finding hidden treasure.  You want to share it with those you love, but you want to make sure what you found is indeed real.  Once authentication has taken place and you begin to share this treasure with others you begin to find yourself in debates instead of being able to enjoy the fruit of your findings.  Your zeal can turn to dogmatic arrogance as the goal changes from sharing the treasure to debating its value.  You begin to understand that people can be looking at the same treasure and one sees its value while the other sees flaws.  Likewise, I look back at how often we shared the treasure of Yah’s feast and some saw it as legalistic rituals that didn’t apply to them and others saw it as the missing link.  The “more” they knew their faith possessed.  Today, I just feel grateful that Yah has opened my eyes to see the truth and to have a love for it even if it debunks my long held beliefs. I don’t feel it is my responsibility to prove its authentic value, but simply to present it for what it is and let others come to their own conclusion.  My prayer is that YHVH will open my eyes and theirs to all the truth and embrace where it leads us.

Having said that this year it dawned on me the physical health benefits of fasting from yeast.  As many people know yeast is the main culprit for fungus growth.  While I admittedly have not done an in-depth study on the link between fasting from it and improved health. I realize Yah’s commandments have fulfilment on multiple levels. We know Deuteronomy 28 makes it clear the keeping of Yah’s commandments produced physical blessings.  

They also take in consideration seasons and agriculture.  So I propose this, what if fasting from yeast provides a biological reset?  Like rest to the land every 7 years helps improve soil, could fasting from yeast the prescribed seven days help immobilize the overgrowth of fungus in our bodies, and aid in proper digestion of freshly created yeast after the seven day fast?  I can’t confirm this yet, but that will definitely be my quest, to research this link.  If you know of any research or have any thoughts on the topic would love to hear it.


A Day Goes By…19 Days and Counting…

Today is the nineteenth day and the third week and fifth day of the week counting the omer.  I didn’t find any references today but this being the third week and fifth day connects us to the life of Jesus (Yahushah) Christ and five meaning grace and also represents the day of the fish and fowl meaning we have to overcome the temptation to be brought down from the Spiritual high that we have in Messiah to the dirt so we can be on the devil’s menu.  Or we will have to overcome tribulation which is pressure to conform to this world and it’s ways or be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  Remember when the test is in session the Teacher is quiet.

Have you ever wondered why God didn’t intervene before they ate of the fruit?  I mean it’s not like he was absent when things were taking place, remember our God is omnipresent.  Which is to say everywhere at once.  It’s because love not tested is it really love?  This hits home because it’s the things we say and do in opposition to the ones we say we love that really reflect our love walk.  So today, I am encouraged to overcome this problem by only speaking life to and about people.  Continue to speak death to the enemies plan, but will only speak life concerning the things of God.  The word is powerful and sharper than any two edged sword sometimes we need the pauses in a day to meditate longer on what has already been said.  The fact that God gives us two days in a row without chronicling an activity points to that fact.  Have a blessed day and meditate on the goodness of the Lord.

Tenth Day Counting the Omer

The tenth day appears thirteen times in scripture.  The tenth day of the counting of the Omer is the third day of the second week.  In the third day the waters were gathered together in one place.  Then the dry land appeared.
The theme of gathering together seems to take place in every scripture relating to the tenth day.  In the first instance it is gathering to collect a lamb four days before it is to be slain for Passover.  In the next three occurrences it is in regards to the Day of Atonement which is a holy convocation to afflict one’s soul for the atonement of the nation of Israel.  In Numbers 7:66 the prince of the children of Dan offers an offering to YHVH on the tenth day of the year of Jubilee, which references gathering unto Yah.  In Joshua the children of Israel come up out of Jordan on the tenth day of the first month, and encamp in Gilgal.  The same day they would be gathering a lamb for the Passover in that year.  In 2 Kings 25:1; Jer. 52:4 now the enemies of God’s people are gathered together against them.
In the tenth day we see many of the scriptures reference either the gathering of the people or a point person who gathers with YHVH, such as a prince, priest, or prophet.  Also the majority of the instances this day is recorded it is centered around one of the Feast days either four days before Passover or on the Day of Atonement.  Both of which have something to do with a sacrifice on behalf of the people,


Passover individual redemption, Atonement national redemption.

The first time it appears it is referencing every man taking a lamb for his household. (Exodus 12:3)  This is four days before the Passover is to be slain for the household and put on the door post and five days before it is to be eaten.  The second time it appears is in Lev. 16:29 and it is in regards to the Day of Atonement which takes place on the tenth day of the seventh month.

The tenth day is a time when we should be gathering towards God, and turning our hearts towards him.  If you have any area of your life that you have not submitted to the King of Glory, then this is the day to do it.  Study yourself and inspect your life, ask the Lord if there be in you any wicked way, and if there be submit that to him.  Let Him cleanse you.  While the tenth day beckons us to gather to him, the number ten points to a picture of tempting, trials, and tests. (Gen. 31:7; Gen. 31:41; Neh. 4:12; Job. 19:3; Num. 14:22; Dan. 1:20)  In Daniel we see that he passed the test, and that is what we want in our lives to take the test and pass it.  So I encourage you to cast your cares upon the Lord because he does care for you and he is for your betterment, but that can’t happen unless we are honest with ourselves and with him.  Let your test today be one that ends with an A+.


Day Six and the Sixth Day Counting the Omer

“Six” appears in scripture 106 times not connected to anything else like 600, 6000,three score and six etc.  But on it’s own accord as displayed in the 6th day of the counting of the Omer.

On the sixth day, which is the day that man was created is referenced in Rev. 13:18 is termed “the number of a man”.  In creation this fact was not a bad thing, but represented the crown of creation a marvelous mystery of God’s perfect symmetry.  But then man was corrupted and what was intended for good took a profound shift in direction.

“Sixth” appears 46 times in scripture, while there are numerous things I can point out and extract, but as we know Rome wasn’t built in a day.  For that reason, we will focus on the “sixth day” of the counting of the Omer as reflected in Exodus 16:5.  The significance of on the sixth day preparing “twice as much”.  Many of us talk about the “double portion”, but rarely do we see such a great picture of how or when we can expect to see that.  It is in the sixth day, or the sixth millennium, (Psa. 90:4; 2 Peter 3:8) because this is when it will be needed.  Just as in the seventh year it is a time of rest, it is in the sixth year that your desire is to get enough crops stored up to last you through seven and into the ninth. (Lev. 25:22)  Yet even with the resting that God himself did on the seventh day, we also know that God does work on the seventh day.

“And therefore did the Jews persecute Jesus, and sought to slay him, because he had done these things on the Sabbath day. But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.” (Joh 5:16-17)

Now don’t get it twisted, Yahushah in no way broke the Sabbath as they supposed, but rather demonstrated that the Sabbath day is a time when all of creation should be resting, and one who is burdened with sickness is not at rest.  Thus the necessity was for mankind to be unburdened with sickness so that they could enter into the rest of God.(Mark 2:27)  Healing is the children’s bread, (Matt. 15:22-26) and bread was to be eaten every day in the wilderness, it just wasn’t to be gathered on the seventh day.
Thus we see the importance of Joseph storing up every year according to this principle for seven years so that he would have enough grain to last through the seven years of famine.  We now find ourselves in the seventh year and still waiting for that double portion anointing.  Most of us like the five foolish virgins didn’t store enough oil to make it in the event our Lord delays. (Matt. 25:1-13)
Scripture teaches us there is a time when He will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh and while we like to look at the positive side for us as believers, we must be sober in understanding what this means in it’s fullness.  (Joel 2:28-29)

The double portion on the sixth day is needed because it will have to last us through the seventh day.  Because the seventh day the focus isn’t on us producing the fruit, but on us listening to the Husbandmen of the vineyard.  Depending on the faithfulness of Yah to carry us through the challenges of life.  In the sixth day we needed to have gathered up twice as much bread.  And what does the bread represent?  It represents Yahushah.

I am that bread of life. Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, and are dead. This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die. I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world. (Joh 6:48-51)

Do we have enough of Him (Yahushah) in us to make it through the year so that we can enjoy the rest of the Almighty?
The sixth day appears 10 times in scripture.  This is significant being that the number ten appears numerous times in scripture.  It is highlighted as it relates to God dealing with sin.  The ten plagues, the ten times we tested him in the wilderness.  The sixth day is referenced as the number of man, and connected to the six six six which is the number of the beast spoken of in the book of Revelation. (Rev. 13:18)  However, we do know that land creatures were created before mankind on this day. (Gen. 1:25)  But let’s be clear this connection that is spoken concerning man in a negative connotation is a result of man’s choices.  Just as there were ten virgins, there were five who made a wise choice and five who made an unwise choice.  The number six is simply a number and it only is negative to those who are without light in their lamps or oil in their vessels.


The Day of Grace

We are on the fifth day of the counting of the omer.  Which will end on the day of Pentecost.  I find it amazing that five being the number of grace corresponds to the day that both fish and fowl were created.  Those of you who are familiar with the Creation Week vision given to my husband knows that each day of the creation week corresponds with our growth in Messiah.  Day five in the creation week is when God created sea creatures and the creatures of the air.  Both of these creatures represent for us as believers the picture of grace.  Both animals have one thing in common and that is they have to overcome gravity.  Another “G” word.  The bird has to contend with pressure from without that will seek to pull it into the ground rather than soar as an eagle.  Know that this is the enemies plan for you.  Since sin entered in the menu of the enemy has been dust, (Gen. 3:14) when we ride on the high places of the earth, and are fed with the heritage of Jacob we are in a place where the enemy can’t get us. (Isa. 58:14)

The fish has another form of pressure he has to deal with, that is from without is not it’s issue, it is that which is within that it must properly calibrate.  Scripture teaches us that greater is he who is in us than he who is in the world. (1 Jn 4:4)  Which is why we are admonished to be sober, and to be filled with the Spirit of God. (Eph. 5:18) The enemy will try to appoint pressure in your life, his goal is to find weakness in your armor so that he can infiltrate your purpose.  However, we have been given all we need to navigate around him.  It was for this reason that Pentecost was most significant for the Apostles who were in Jerusalem who were filled with the Holy Spirit. (Luke 24:49)  Having the power of God to both recognize and properly oppose the demonic forces that will come against you is essential, and the good news is you no longer have to wait till Pentecost to get it.  The Holy Spirit is freely available for the asking.  I encourage you if you haven’t been baptized in the Holy Spirit to study it in the word of God, because faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by his word. (Rom. 10:17)  No one can take from you what the word gives you so seek him, and ask him, and know that he desires for you to receive of his good and perfect gift that was left by Messiah for you.

Today, as you go about your day celebrate the temptations that you averted by submitting to God’s word, and rejoice over the fiery trials he brought you through.  Reflect on the goodness and grace that he has bestowed upon you, not because of who you are, but because of who He is.

That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.
(Mat 5:45)



He Has Risen, Now What?

We have known for thousands of years now that the King of Glory, Son of God (YHVH) was crucified for our sake.  Took the penalty for our sin upon himself and like a lamb dumb before its sheer mumbled not a word in His defense, (Acts 8:32) but always spoke the truth.  Every sign under heaven aligned every prophecy spoken of by the prophets concerning his first coming fulfilled, yet many having him in the flesh before them still denied him as their Messiah.  So here we are milleniums removed from the event, his disciples, and the Apostles in which letters and testimonies we read and hold dear, even if we don’t follow still resonate off the worn and tattered pages of our leather bound bibles.

So what are we doing about it?  While we who profess Christ as our Savior celebrate holidays that were foreign to him, not a one kept nor sanctioned by him, we justify our ignorance, by saying, “well that is for the Jews”  we say to the Jewish Messiah that wears the blood bought stains for the pain that our sin paid the wages for. Yet, every quoted page that says the “Feast of the Jews” originate from something said in the first five books of scripture that doesn’t record such a message.  So again, as the title of this article suggests, now what?  We can still remember the day that He snatched our lives from hell, and the freedom we felt as his words comforted us from our past sins with the promise of new life.  Yet we hearkened not to Paul’s warning concerning sinning, the more that grace abounds (Rom. 6:1-15) and so we relish in our failures and create traps like a magician depending on him each and every time to help us make the great escape, which is tempting God.

For how can we knowing the agony our sin caused this just man Christ to suffer on our behalf live any longer in the fallen state he brought us out of?  Are we really new creatures in him?  Do we really want a new life in Him?  Only you can answer that question, but I leave this thought with you today, Is Christ just an incantation on your lips that you chant when you find yourself in a self made bed of deception, or is that name that is above every name that is named, holy to you?

If it is then what are you doing?

How are you living?

Are you still in bondage or free, are you fulfilling your God ordained destiny or merely content with just being?   Or for you to live is Christ, and to die is gain is that your claim to fame? (Phil. 1:21) Let’s live our lives for Him, no longer on this whimsical ride because we have decided to hold on to the truth.  Walk with Yahushah (Jesus) in spirit and in truth, study to show yourself approved, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed.

Blessings to you all this day as we count the Omer Day TWO (Leviticus 23:15):

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. (Psa 90:12)



The script has already been written, all the actors are in place. The stage has been set and all that is left to do is to call, “Lights, Camera, and action.” But then out of nowhere one of the lead casting roles decides they have a better idea, and uses creative license on a script that has no wiggle room for it. This is what has happened in the case of Passover. Yah has already chosen His unblemished Lamb and has cast Yahushah (Jesus) in the star role for the position, when out of nowhere someone decides to carryout one of the biggest heists in history and remove the focus from the Lamb of God to the Easter bunny of fertility. The switcheroo has now been done and the supporting cast has chosen to go with the make shift script rather than stay true to the original. The wicked one is the mastermind behind changing truths to lies, and making people believe the lie is the truth.   There is no way we can get three days and three nights from good Friday to Easter Sunday, just as there is no way we can make a Passover lamb an Easter bunny that lays chicken eggs. Let’s keep the fairy tales separate from the living truth. I recognize these traditions make for fun activities for children, going on egg hunts and finding chocolate bunnies in hidden places, but these lies are no different than offering up our children to Molech. (Jer. 32:35) They are just as vile to the Father as KKK hunts for hanging people on trees as a form of amusement for their families to watch and parade around. That last statement may offend many but when you really study the history of where these eggs came from and the sacrifices that were offered to the Queen of heaven for them then you will see that my analogy is not farfetched. Passover is not a Jewish thing it is a Jesus thing.

Someone call 9-1-1 our Passover Lamb has been hi-jacked by a bunny. That’s right you heard me correctly for thousands of years the children of Israel, the people of the Most High. You know the ones who the scripture teaches YHWH inhabits their praises (Psalms 22:3) has been instructed for hundred’s of years before Messiah died on the cross for us to offer up lambs on the altar on behalf of the people has now been upstaged by a rabbit. An unclean animal not fit to eat, if offered on YHWH’s alter would be considered an abomination, now stands as the sacrificial lamb of choice by those who profess Jesus Christ as Lord. Yes indeed, I say another Jesus is being preached from the pulpit that resembles not the original story. (2 Cor. 11:4) Let’s see do you believe that the first born of Israel would have been spared if they had placed the blood of the Easter bunny over their household? Do you think finding buried chicken eggs would have compared with the riches of uncovering the unleavened bread which represents the manna that rested in the ark of God as an eternal reminder that the bread of life would give his life for us? We as believers have continued to perpetuate this farce because we inherited the lie as Jeremiah 16:19 foretold. We have believed what we have been taught just as we believed that tooth fairies give money in exchange for teeth, or fat men come down chimney’s bearing gifts for nice kids, or tricks would be given rather than treats if we don’t give candy to neighboring children wearing spooky clothing.

However, this upstaging isn’t anything new. The prophets clearly foretold about them, but in words that we gloss over in English because we don’t understand their meaning. The Queen of heaven being worshipped over YHWH is not just an Old Testament reality but is found in the New Testament as well. (Rev. 17) The famous question posed to the people then by Elijah concerning the two opinions that they must choose between was over this very issue. The word translated groves (1 Kings 18:19 – Hebrew word H842) is referencing the same goddess of fertility that we out of willful ignorance parade on Easter Sunday in mixed worship. We attach the word Easter which bears the name of this fertility goddess to the cross which is the last character of the Hebrew alphabet that represents the Sign of the covenant that Yahushah cut with his own blood for us. This is blasphemous, an abomination before our holy God that we need to repent of. It is equivalent to adultery, it wreaks of the same stench one would find if they came home to their spouse being in bed with another person. This defilement would be appalling and abominable to us. Placing Easter bunnies where only the Lamb of God should be allowed is the golden calf bringing us out of Egypt all over again. (Exodus 32) The Father is cleaning his bride up and we can’t afford to continue to walk in error.

I don’t expect that my exposition of the lie will result in making new friends, unless you have a love for the truth, just as Elijah didn’t receive praise from the powers that be for exposing this truth concerning these false prophets. Many of truth speakers have made enemies for sharing the truth. (Gal. 4:16) Likewise, I am sure that for those who are vested in the lie of Easter they will look for loopholes to make what they want to believe appear credible, my mandate comes from a higher source who says that your blood will be required at my hand if I don’t tell the truth. (Eze. 3:18) Thus this is my plea to all my readers, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, research what you do before you do it. Make sure that you are not perpetuating a lie in the lives of your children, you do not want to be the one responsible for putting the stumblingblock before them that will discredit you in the future. No lie is of the truth. (1 Jn 2:21) I encourage you my readers study to show yourself approved UNTO GOD, a workman who needeth not to be ashamed RIGHTLY dividing the WORD of truth. (2 Tim. 2:15) Do not be blind guides leading the blind (Matt. 15:14), but know the will of the Lord and stand for the truth even if you think that you are standing alone. For if we stand in truth we are never alone, Yah is always the majority in what is seemingly the minority in the situation.

Finally, for all that is holy do not let a bunny upstage the Lamb of God. Yahushah (Jesus) is the Passover Lamb, who fulfilled being the unleavened bread that took our leaven (a type of sin) to the grave, so that after three days and three nights he could be back in time to fulfill the Feast of Firstfruits as the first fruit of those raised from the dead which is why Mary could not touch him till he ascended unto the Father as THE Wave Offering of all times. This is the setting of the greatest truth ever told, these are the characters in the best script ever written, and YHWH is the producer and director orchestrating every word and motion.