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Not An Off the Rack Type Chick

This poem is written for the peculiar treasures that YHVH has made.  Embrace your uniqueness, that signature of God that makes you, you..  The world will try to make you conform to it’s ways, but know that you have been called out of the world and into the marvelous light of Christ.  I pray this poem will liberate you to feel comfortable to walk in your purpose.

My style defines me, what you may see as tacky

Is Yah’s unique signature on my life which makes me free

Why must I be bound because you have a crisis of identity?

Quiet as kept my hardwire is perfectly in depth

Not one stroke out of key, but in complete harmony with my King

So love me or hate me

I’m not an off the rack type chick

You’re going to have to dig a little deeper in the pudding jar to get my mix

Just a little below the surface

You’ll find me attached securely to my purpose

A peculiar treasure, I wasn’t made to fit in

Like Lauryn Hill I get out of all your boxes

I’m like a train without brakes when it comes to the word,  in a word


I am attached at the hip to my destiny

I refuse to let the enemy get the best of me

Using those close to me like heavy artillery, but I keep my heart clear by forgiving them

Identify the puppet strings and cut off all ties with unrighteous means

That operate like liens on a car trying to bring me to a halt

Like I said, I’m not an off the rack type chick

I was created to be different

You can’t define me by your limited definitions

Trying to make premonitions on what my end will be

I’m not for show

I’ve been bought with a price paid in red

So that my black and blue scars could see white again

I’m embedded in the thread you can’t erase me

I’m like the running man so catch me if you can

The devil can’t hold me cause I am set free

I will make my boast in the Lord because He owns me

Signed, sealed, delivered and due to eventually return to the Sender

Cause I am only on loan

The world didn’t make me so it can’t brake me

Dead man walking, maybe, but it’s better than being the living walking dead

It’s been said, death where is your sting?

Oh, hell where is your victory?

For the sting of death is sin, but the gift of God is eternal life by the One who took my place

Now that right there is Amazing Grace

Written by: Torie McLaughlin