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Controlling Our Food

This by far is the most comprehensive video on the dangers of GMO foods to not just the U.S. but to the world.

I would encourage you to download it is a hard link to come by and I suspect will at some point be removed from the internet.


 How Monsanto Went from Selling Aspirin to Controlling our food supply

The Non-GMO Project

10 Foods You’ll Have to Give Up to Avoid GMO’s

     Though this should be understood, I know buying organic for many is very expensive but whenever possible preferable.  Compared to the cost of chemotherapy and many of the pharmaceuticals you will have to take if you don’t detox consider the change an investment in your health care plan.Why no GMO should be a given but for those who don’t know what “GMO” stands for it is “Genetically Modified Organisms”.  GMO has a history of being the repurposed biological warfare byproduct of the Vietnam war error currently being used as pesticides for the food you grow.  Scientists figured out a great way of getting rid of this biohazard by injecting it into the seed creating a crossbreed between chemical poison and organic matter.  This substance is now being passed off in the USA as “substantially equivalent” with only one way to know for some form of certainty that it is not being used by the label “organic”.  Though it should be clear that this is just not a good idea period scripturally we are warned against mixing diverse seeds and this is understood just on the basis of two things that are seeds it should go without saying that crossbreeding toxic waste used in chemical warfare just isn’t a good combination to be injected into our food supply. (Lev. 19:19)We also see in Genesis that he gave us every herb yielding seed after its kind for food for us.  If you were to eat these seeds what exactly would you be consuming? I suppose it is as edible as plastic would be.  I highly encourage you to avoid GMO products at all costs.  Here are just a few videos and articles that explain in great detail the harmful affects of GMO crops and why this should be eliminated from your diet period but at the very least minimized or removed from your cleanse.




     I have done much research and personally own a Jack LaLane juicer and here are my thoughts on it.  I like the idea of getting fresh juice from this juicer, but there are two issues that I have with it that is very discouraging to the process for me.1)      Cleaning it is a chore.  I don’t own a dishwasher hence my two hands are my God given dishwashers and cleaning this machine is a headache.  So you can imagine what it would be like to do this ongoing for three weeks straight three times a day.  Let’s just say the whole point of transformation lifestyle is to help you to transform your life and anything that will add to your work and make the already challenging process more challenging would not be recommended.  If you are a clean freak and don’t mind it, or have a very good dishwasher then it will get the job done as far as producing fresh juice.2)      Pulp issue.  After spending extra money on eating organic the very last thing you want to do is to see more than half of your money going down the drain.  Well if you plan on doing a juice fast that is exactly what will happen unless you know what to do with the large amount of pulp that this juice produce.  I have two problems with this one I think it is wasteful, especially if you don’t have a compost pile in which at least this expensive food can come back to you by way of replenishing the minerals in your gardening soil.  The second problem is Messiah never even wasted bread crumbs so I can imagine losing all the fiber and other nutrients that are in abundance in the pulp that we produce could be the most cost effective way of cleansing.



     I personally own a Vitamix 3600 and I don’t know much about the new ones but even at its highest setting reaching 2900 watts this blender lacks much to be desired.  Problem number one is it has a spout.  This is a great nuisance and just an opportunity for bacteria to grow.  Again, without having a dishwasher, not that this is even dishwasher safe it requires you being able to get your finger into a spout that is at the bottom of a small square opening of this stainless steel container.  I never had a use for the spout, yet I don’t see an option for one that will fit my motor that doesn’t come with one.  I would definitely trade it in if it was possible.Problem number two even with all that power it doesn’t blend well.  I have for the past week found myself chewing my fruit and vegetable juices and to be quite honest with you the taste of partially juiced juice is not very good.  Chunks of raw broccoli and carrots are not very tasty in my opinion.  I believe the design of the 3600 is the culprit the blade doesn’t fit close enough to the bottom of the container to keep from having food get stuck in the “no cut zone” and the more you blend it the hotter the motor gets until your juice becomes soup.  Literally it was so hot one time in my attempt to get every last chunk removed until I had to add ice thereby diluting my juice with water and increasing the time and quantity, which I didn’t have a need for.  So, others may have a newer model that works better for them but I’m gonna put it this way I purchased a nutribullet so that should answer your question as far as I am concerned on the blender issue.   Don’t get me wrong for other uses the blender is okay, not the best I ever had but it is okay.  I probably would do better with a newer model but at a price tag of $199 to upgrade to a factory refurbished model I am just not ready to spend that on a blender I have already invested $150+ dollars in acquiring used.  Last issue I had that ultimately caused me to go the route of the Nutribullet.  For doing smoothies and/or juices I like having cups that I can use to both blend my ingredients and measure the output.  Because this is a cleanse I am doing alone in my home I don’t want to waste, nor do I want to make more than I want to drink.  I can better gage my portions with variety size cups to use in my blending process not to mention I can easily make as many as I need at one time during the day without the hassle of having to hurry up and clean it.  In many cases before I get to enjoy my juice because the longer it sits the harder it gets to remove.



The Nutribullet was worth every bit of the investment put into it.  I didn’t get the standard one for sale at the grocery store because it only provides 600W of strength.  So this review is on the 900W Nutribullet.  This bullet provides quick nutrition, just put your vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, powder, milk, and anything else you desire into it and it will pulverize it in less than a minute.  So for those who don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen preparing and cleaning this is a win/win.  Clean up was the most impressive to me, because the blade is so close in proximity to the base you don’t have as much trouble reaching the grooves unlike my 3600 Vitamix which its long and awkward shape makes cleaning a chore.  The cup you just clean like you would any other dish.  Most of the time I didn’t use the part that you can twist onto it so that your juicing cup can become your drinking cup.  It also allows me to quickly make one for my husband so we can both have a nice size cup of our favorite and needed fruits and vegetables.  Unlike using a Vitamix which is great for making other items which I still use it for but when it comes to smoothies it was very difficult to gage how much to put in for two people.  Either I made too much or too little.  But with the Nutribullet it was always just right.  So taking all in consideration timing, ease of use, cleanup, quantity and taste I would have to give this machine a 5 out of 5.
   Audio Review of the SwirlioHow does the Swirlio rank next to the competition.  Find out before you buy.  Be savvy not sorry.



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