Free Resources

Bible Software

  • Esword This is an excellent resource for those who are serious about living by every word of the Messiah.  With hundreds of tools this powerful tool will equip you in no time to share the word.  Fully downloadable and available for offline usage.  This particular version includes over ten translations, Strong’s concordance integration and the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible with Ancient Hebrew fonts.  Just give them your address and the ship the c.d. to you postage free.  In days you will have a free resource that cost thousands of dollars for leaders to possess absolutely free.  We are living in the days where knowledge has increased and it is because Yah is doing a quick work.  So I encourage you to take advantage of this.
  • Godtube looking for a clean version of Youtube?  Want to find movies, sermons, and the like that compare to your moral standards?  I encourage you to check out Godtube.  Its free to join and like youtube you can post videos for the world to see.
  • Picmonkey if you are a Blogger like myself or just would like to post high quality photos but you don’t have the hi end software to do so then I encourage you to check out picmonkey.  Not everything is free but you can do a lot with what is.  Even if you just want to touch up on old or new photos and give it that extra zing.  This is an excellent website and thanks to a friend of mines I am enjoying its features.

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