The Ideal Diet

Welcome to the Ideal Diet Series which was birthed out of my Essential Treasures Newsletter project.  The ideal diet is about transforming the way we think about food.  While it too is based on 1 Thess 5:23, the main purpose of the Ideal Diet is to focus on us offering our bodies as a living sacrifice unto God as instructed in Romans 12.  Controlling what we eat to get as much as possible the things Yah calls food into our diet as we can.  The food he has chosen is fuel for life, but as we all know it is the Bread that came down from Heaven that is the only means to sustaining lasting life.  However, the Ideal Diet purposes to reveal the lessons we can learn from choosing to eat biblically, balanced, and focused on Him rather than prioritizing the desires of the flesh.  Its all about balance and priority.  Our God (Yah) says that He alone is God and besides him there is no other.  He will not take second place even to our appetite.  So the purpose of the ideal diet is to seek to bring balance to our otherwise unbalanced lives, at least as it relates to diet.  Hopefully, this information will serve as an inheritance of sound information that will help my readers grow closer and walk more with God.

Below is the Article from my Essential Treasures Newsletter

The Ideal Diet

                 As one chapter in writing ends another begins but I believe this month our read your label embodies the conclusion of the matter of looking at various environmental challenges that await us. We must make a conscientious effort to preserve our health. My hope is that by providing one issue at a time my articles have provided a minimally intimidating atmosphere in which to tackle your ongoing responsibility to take hold of your health through research. After much research myself I decided the balanced approach to eating would yield the best results for me. While I have heard and experienced remarkable benefits in eating a vegetarian diet, and even in temporarily following the Paleo diet I have experienced some awesome results. However, what I am discovering is while there are many benefits to these different diets short term, incorporating either long term would be difficult financially and possibly not necessarily the healthiest solution.  I believe there is a reason Yah permitted meat to be eaten and we must first understand that before we dismiss its importance in our bodies.  When I consider the wisdom of scripture as it relates to diet equal weights and measures come to mind. Both options apply the very opposite principle in application. My goal this month is to share my personal views of various short term diets versus incorporating a long term eating lifestyle.

I suppose whatever diet you choose you will have the most benefit if you approach the term diet from a long term point of view rather than a short term goal. The greatest challenge to yo-yo diets is that your body never gets to a place of homeostasis and the undisciplined eating habit typically makes you more susceptible to gaining weight rather than losing it. When we go from one extreme to the other our lifestyle resembles that of one who is double minded and not disciplined. Others make a discipline out of counting calories; however, I think the more appropriate approach is to make sure you are eating enough of the right food as much as possible so that your body gets the nutrition it needs. I can count calories and neglect to get what the purpose of eating is for and that is nutrition.

On this journey we also have to learn to be accommodating, for me the ideal diet may not be the same as it is for you. For me eating dairy products, chocolate and other trigger foods are not ideal. However, for another dairy, chocolate and soy may be very beneficial. Bottom line is this, whatever will help you achieve balance is the diet that you need to have. The only barrier being that it is scripturally considered food for you to eat. Since as with anything that we create we trust the producer of the product to be the expert in determining what is best for optimum performance of the product, our Creator is the one who has determined what the best fuel for us to run on is.

Achieving the ideal diet is not an event but like our relationship with Christ it is a lifelong process of growth and learning. Scripture says that it is the truth that makes us free and this holds true with what we eat. The more truth we acquire the more free we will become to make quality choices about what we eat and how we live.

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