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Ships Are Beginning To Sail

I had a dream last night (July 20, 2016) and it was a comforting dream. This doesn’t happen too often for me, but this dream was beautiful. In my dream Charlie and I were on a ship. This ship was a small ship it had a top deck for gathering and then it had a small area on the bottom. The boat wasn’t really made for large groups of people to stay on. In fact it was obvious that there was an owner of the ship who lived on the ship, but allowed others to ride on the ship. Every day we were on a different excursion and the ship ride was different for every group. We enjoyed the first ride so much that we took the ship again on its next excursion. In the lower part of the ship there was this medium size room that had dining tables and there was a bed in the far back. This is undoubtedly where the captain or owner of the ship slept. But he was willing to share his intimate space with complete strangers to expose them to this way of life. The sea was calm every time we traveled on it. Not even a ripple in the water. While we were traveling there were speakers, and not like a timeshare presentation, but just speakers who spoke thematically and it was clear there was substance in their speech for the listener not for the speaker.

The theme on each boat ride would be different each time and the activities were always new and fresh. There were different types of food available, just something for everyone. Everyone was happy on this boat. When we would go to different islands we would meet other people as we stopped. The islands were beautiful, and very accommodating and when we would share the experience we had on this boat others would want to come. Soon this boat experience became too big for one boat to handle. So the owner of the ship begin showing people how they could start their own ships and encouraged them to use the principles, but he didn’t lock them into doing it the way he did it. He focused on the Spirit of the approach, then he set them free to duplicate the model. Soon the waters were filled with these little small boats that continued the same approach going in different directions.

Then I saw how this connected to ships in the bible. In the case of Noah the world outside the boat was cursed and the few in the boats were blessed.

In Deut. 28 the prophecy reveals a people who inside the ship would be cursed, becoming a blessing to those who were outside the ship.

The nation began with a ship, a nation was cursed in a ship, and a nation will return again, could it be possibly by ship? (Gen. 15:13) I am reminded of the Messiah telling us in these days it will be as it was in the days of Noah. (Matt. 24:37)  While I know that doesn’t mean we will leave the way Noah did, but it does however, make me think of this dream. We know Ezekiel tells us of a greater Exodus that will take place in the future. (Eze. 20:34) Water was involved, in the original Exodus although ships were not, however, the people were all in one place Egypt versus this prophecy in Ezekiel which clearly indicates His people will be in multiple places when they are brought out. Thus it doesn’t negate the possibility of ships being used.

Another interesting thing about my dream that when I shared with my friend brings up another point. Who is the “owner” of this ship. In the dream I couldn’t describe them to you, only that it was a Him. He was such a major part of the dream yet his description was obscured. My friend suggested that this was the Holy Spirit.  We see this description of the Holy Spirit as the worker in the life of the Believer throughout scripture This Holy Spirit is mentioned when Mary meets with her cousin Elizabeth and the baby leaped within Elizabeth. Thus, the point is I can see how the captain would be the Holy Spirit who does the work within our vessels and though the foundation never changes the approach he uses to touch the hearts of his people does change.

As with many things with scripture I am sure there is more to this dream then what I received and pray that Yah will show you what I didn’t get.  I am merely sharing it for you, because the fact that the dream mentioned many ships and focused on sharing this good news with others indicate that this dream was given to me, but not just for me.  So for whom this dream is for I pray that you too will get what Yah has for you and share it with me and others. Your comments or thoughts are welcomed.