Guilt Free Snacks

As many of you may know I have been on this health kick journey for a while and I have provided for my readers as much as time would permit recipes and information on healthy living along this journey.  For more information on making sense of the labels on the products we buy view my old blog and newsletters by clicking here.  Anyway, I have decided to make available some of the snacks me and my family enjoy eating.  These snacks are healthy, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and no added sugar or sweetener.  So if you would like to order some I am currently taking orders.

*Be aware if you have a sensitivity to nuts that the kale chips are made using raw cashews.

Also, indicate with kale chips if you would prefer them cheezy (dairy free) or (spicy).  If you prefer no spice then I won’t add cayenne pepper.  If you prefer real spicy will add extra dashes of pepper.  Just let me know.  Hope you enjoy!!



Pint $6.00 USD
Quart $11.00 USD
Gallon $17.00 USD


1 Pineapple $7.50 USD
2 Pineapples $13.00 USD
3 Pineapples $20.00 USD
4 Pineappes $27.00 USD
5 Pineapples $34.00 USD
6 Pineapples $41.00 USD

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