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A Day Goes By…19 Days and Counting…

Today is the nineteenth day and the third week and fifth day of the week counting the omer.  I didn’t find any references today but this being the third week and fifth day connects us to the life of Jesus (Yahushah) Christ and five meaning grace and also represents the day of the fish and fowl meaning we have to overcome the temptation to be brought down from the Spiritual high that we have in Messiah to the dirt so we can be on the devil’s menu.  Or we will have to overcome tribulation which is pressure to conform to this world and it’s ways or be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  Remember when the test is in session the Teacher is quiet.

Have you ever wondered why God didn’t intervene before they ate of the fruit?  I mean it’s not like he was absent when things were taking place, remember our God is omnipresent.  Which is to say everywhere at once.  It’s because love not tested is it really love?  This hits home because it’s the things we say and do in opposition to the ones we say we love that really reflect our love walk.  So today, I am encouraged to overcome this problem by only speaking life to and about people.  Continue to speak death to the enemies plan, but will only speak life concerning the things of God.  The word is powerful and sharper than any two edged sword sometimes we need the pauses in a day to meditate longer on what has already been said.  The fact that God gives us two days in a row without chronicling an activity points to that fact.  Have a blessed day and meditate on the goodness of the Lord.

Not An Off the Rack Type Chick

This poem is written for the peculiar treasures that YHVH has made.  Embrace your uniqueness, that signature of God that makes you, you..  The world will try to make you conform to it’s ways, but know that you have been called out of the world and into the marvelous light of Christ.  I pray this poem will liberate you to feel comfortable to walk in your purpose.

My style defines me, what you may see as tacky

Is Yah’s unique signature on my life which makes me free

Why must I be bound because you have a crisis of identity?

Quiet as kept my hardwire is perfectly in depth

Not one stroke out of key, but in complete harmony with my King

So love me or hate me

I’m not an off the rack type chick

You’re going to have to dig a little deeper in the pudding jar to get my mix

Just a little below the surface

You’ll find me attached securely to my purpose

A peculiar treasure, I wasn’t made to fit in

Like Lauryn Hill I get out of all your boxes

I’m like a train without brakes when it comes to the word,  in a word


I am attached at the hip to my destiny

I refuse to let the enemy get the best of me

Using those close to me like heavy artillery, but I keep my heart clear by forgiving them

Identify the puppet strings and cut off all ties with unrighteous means

That operate like liens on a car trying to bring me to a halt

Like I said, I’m not an off the rack type chick

I was created to be different

You can’t define me by your limited definitions

Trying to make premonitions on what my end will be

I’m not for show

I’ve been bought with a price paid in red

So that my black and blue scars could see white again

I’m embedded in the thread you can’t erase me

I’m like the running man so catch me if you can

The devil can’t hold me cause I am set free

I will make my boast in the Lord because He owns me

Signed, sealed, delivered and due to eventually return to the Sender

Cause I am only on loan

The world didn’t make me so it can’t brake me

Dead man walking, maybe, but it’s better than being the living walking dead

It’s been said, death where is your sting?

Oh, hell where is your victory?

For the sting of death is sin, but the gift of God is eternal life by the One who took my place

Now that right there is Amazing Grace

Written by: Torie McLaughlin



Tenth Day Counting the Omer

The tenth day appears thirteen times in scripture.  The tenth day of the counting of the Omer is the third day of the second week.  In the third day the waters were gathered together in one place.  Then the dry land appeared.
The theme of gathering together seems to take place in every scripture relating to the tenth day.  In the first instance it is gathering to collect a lamb four days before it is to be slain for Passover.  In the next three occurrences it is in regards to the Day of Atonement which is a holy convocation to afflict one’s soul for the atonement of the nation of Israel.  In Numbers 7:66 the prince of the children of Dan offers an offering to YHVH on the tenth day of the year of Jubilee, which references gathering unto Yah.  In Joshua the children of Israel come up out of Jordan on the tenth day of the first month, and encamp in Gilgal.  The same day they would be gathering a lamb for the Passover in that year.  In 2 Kings 25:1; Jer. 52:4 now the enemies of God’s people are gathered together against them.
In the tenth day we see many of the scriptures reference either the gathering of the people or a point person who gathers with YHVH, such as a prince, priest, or prophet.  Also the majority of the instances this day is recorded it is centered around one of the Feast days either four days before Passover or on the Day of Atonement.  Both of which have something to do with a sacrifice on behalf of the people,


Passover individual redemption, Atonement national redemption.

The first time it appears it is referencing every man taking a lamb for his household. (Exodus 12:3)  This is four days before the Passover is to be slain for the household and put on the door post and five days before it is to be eaten.  The second time it appears is in Lev. 16:29 and it is in regards to the Day of Atonement which takes place on the tenth day of the seventh month.

The tenth day is a time when we should be gathering towards God, and turning our hearts towards him.  If you have any area of your life that you have not submitted to the King of Glory, then this is the day to do it.  Study yourself and inspect your life, ask the Lord if there be in you any wicked way, and if there be submit that to him.  Let Him cleanse you.  While the tenth day beckons us to gather to him, the number ten points to a picture of tempting, trials, and tests. (Gen. 31:7; Gen. 31:41; Neh. 4:12; Job. 19:3; Num. 14:22; Dan. 1:20)  In Daniel we see that he passed the test, and that is what we want in our lives to take the test and pass it.  So I encourage you to cast your cares upon the Lord because he does care for you and he is for your betterment, but that can’t happen unless we are honest with ourselves and with him.  Let your test today be one that ends with an A+.