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Knowing The Time How Then Shall We Live

I am humbled when I consider how YHVH has privileged me in this day and hour to know both who I am and what time it is.  Living in a generation where counting to three has proven to be difficult, we have managed to effectively get wrong the one sign the Messiah has given to a wicked and adulterous generation. (Matt. 16:4)  The sign of yet another prophet, Jonah.  Whose life was a prophetic picture of what the Messiah would go through.  From sleeping on the boat during the storm to spending three days and three nights in a place associated with Sheol.  We have not only observed the wrong day, but the wrong feast.  Yet, this day Yah is opening the eyes of those who have a love for the truth.  Whereas through time, bits and pieces of the ancient paths have been metriculating through various individuals we are now beginning to see the flood gates of information opening.  As knowledge is increasing and men going to and fro the lines are being drawn and as it was in the wilderness, those who will stand with the Lord will be the remnant and not the majority.

This year our brother Judah will celebrate 50 years of Jerusalem being in the hands of Israel this Passover, and 70 years of being in the land that was promised to our forefather Abraham.  The name which was fittingly chosen for this land which is called Israel was given to Jacob by the Almighty. (Gen. 32:28)  Who in turn named this name upon Joseph’s two children Ephraim and Manasseh. (Gen. 48:16)  This fiftieth year celebration is not only a Jubilee for Judah, but it is also a Jubilee for the ten lost tribes who are the bearers of the name, Israel.  The name that was given to them by Jacob and in this day they who were scattered and lost are now being set free by the Gospel that was sent specifically to them. (Matt. 15:24)  So as promised in Gen. 15:13 now is the time that YHVH is ready to grant us freedom from the servitude and affliction that has been 400 years accomplished, and a transfer of wealth is going to take place, just as it did in the physical Egypt, so shall it be in the spiritual one.  The nation responsible for such affliction is going to experience judgment, and for that reason we should be making sure that we have taken off the pagan garments that we have sheltered ourselves with for so many years, and begin to yoke ourselves to the truth of Yah’s word.  Even as Messiah delivered Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who were, due to captivity, clothed in the clothing of their captors, thrown into a fiery furnace yet experienced no harm to themselves, but found themselves purged of the garments that clothed them of sorts in a consuming fire found themselves purged of the pagan attire, and found unharmed from the furnace, but to the wicked it shall not be so, they shall be consumed.  (Dan. 3)

Now, many of us have been told the truth and due to the power of tradition we continue to wear the pagan garments of Easter (Asherah) and Christmas (Baal), while others of us hungry for the truth find ourselves conflicted and slow of heart to change.  Nevertheless, scripture makes it clear that those who will escape in this hour are not simply going to acknowledge the truth, but love it.  To love it means to live by it, and because of the passion we have for it we are willing to throw away those singed garments desiring rather to be adorned in the apparel chosen for us by the Almighty.  I didn’t say it would be easy and like the three Hebrew boys mentioned earlier it will be a narrow walk which will bring about scorn and ridicule until YHVH openly rewards you with victory for your faithfulness to him.  As we read in Revelation many will rejoice at your demise, again only to have the Almighty raise you up in victory.(Rev. 11)  So, how then shall you live realizing these things?  Well, scripture says it best and I will leave this article with such words,

He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.  (Rev 22:11-15)



How to Understand the Will of YHVH: Day 5 Reveals The Signature of Grace

This weeks teaching in our continuing series to help discover what Yah’s will is for His body is still on the Creation Week Day 5.  I have put together a video which will explain why I am behind, but I hope you will enjoy..



How To Understand The Will Of YHVH For Our Lives: Day Three: Gathering To Be Fruitful

It has been a while, but I haven’t forgotten the series, just enjoying the Feast days provided by our Heavenly Father.  A break from routine can be refueling for the Soul.  So we are now on Day Three and there is much to learn and much to see.  We will dissect and digest every morsel the Father has provided for us in this day of Creation to see how it impacts His Will for Our lives.
And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.

Gen 1:9

Throughout scripture we see this theme being carried out rather for good or evil. At the tower of Babel people gathered together, in opposition to Yah, yet even He recognized the power in their unity. Thus His response to confuse their speech was predicated by the statement, because they are one, nothing shall be impossible for them. (Gen. 11:6) It’s when the body reaches unity in the faith that it reaches maturity. (Eph. 4:13)

And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good.

Gen 1:10  

The theme of dividing, the element of two gatherings with opposing ideologies, directions, and functions. Before fruitfulness can take place there must be a separating and gathering of the waters. Like wheat from the tares, or authentic and counterfeit money it is only after the dividing of that which is evil is separated from that which is righteous, then and only then can effective fruitfulness for the kingdom be achieved. It’s when we gather with those who have the water that we realize how dry we were without it. It is in the presence of those with the same motivation and who are walking in their purpose that we begin to discover our own, and it is out of that discovery that we begin to find peace with ourselves and others around us, and can genuinely rejoice with others who fulfill theirs. Remembering Yah’s desire is for us to be fruitful and multiply and He is not looking for any type of fruit but quality fruit. This is even evident in the distinction between how he received Cain and Abel’s offering. Any kind of fruit, any kind of way is not acceptable. He wants good fruit, and abundant fruit. This can’t be achieved retrieving mixed teachings, only that pure wisdom that comes from above will provide the direction needed that is put in place by Yah’s built in organized family structure.

  And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

Gen 1:11-12 

  Every seed yielded fruit after its kind. What kind are you?   We can’t begin to understand the will of God for our lives if we don’t know what kind we are. You can spend your entire life trying to become an orange tree when your seed is that which came from an apple. What ends up happening if you do that is you will stifle your fruit and you will be barren instead of fruitful.

The days of Creation are ordinal for life, meaning every detail put in place was essential to preparation for the next. Shooting out as a star, or having your brightness shine forth as the noon day requires separating from that which is dry and congregating with that which hydrates and nourishes, and cleanses the body like water. It’s hard to get all the nutrients your body needs if it is clogged. Understanding the order of God in the creation week helps us understand the order we should have in life. Recognizing that every piece to our particular puzzle has a specific place it needs to be and some pieces won’t be readily identifiable until other pieces are in place. I can’t expect to read well without knowing the alphabet. Understanding Yah’s order, and understanding what seed you are in His garden is key to unlocking the mystery of His will for your life.

Take some time to find out what “kind” you are. Ask the Father for understanding as to what He put you here on earth to do and access if the things you are doing are preparing you for that or hindering you from completing that. It would be a terrible thing to have spent your life following your own will, thinking that this was the will of God for you. Which is why we are covering this area. The more we understand who we are and why we are here the better it will be for the entire body of Christ. Every joint supplying what the body needs require every joint knowing what it is supposed to do.

It excites me to see people living our their purpose and fulfilling God’s will, it serves as an example and motivation to know that He has one for me, and if for me I know for you. He desires for us to be fruitful, and you don’t have to have children come out of your body to achieve that. As the scripture have said more are the children of the barren. (1 Sam. 2:5) If you have raised up seed to fulfill the “kind” that the Lord has called them to be, then you have bore seed unto Yah which is far more precious then just bearing seed in the natural. Many bear seed in the natural and cast them aside, whereas those who don’t bear in the natural, take in the natural seed and birth them in the Spirit such that they know who they are and what they were called here to do. For which is better to be born in the natural or to be born in the Spirit? Or should I say which is of greater profit to the Kingdom of God, to be born in the natural or to be born again in the Spirit?

In day three this is what you will discover, and I encourage you to ponder each question, chew on it, and let it regurgitate and chew some more, for there is much the Father has to say about His will for your life, but until now many haven’t been listening. This is the time to take out and meditate on His word and get instruction and direction.


Serpentwisdom1It is not too late to pre-order the book that will change how you fight this spiritual fight we have.  Have the wisdom of the serpent to know how to discern your enemies next move before it’s made.  Figure out how to avoid the traps that enslave so many?  Wisdom, is the principle thing and in all thy getting getting an understanding is important.  There is a reason why Jesus (Yehoshua) would tell us in Matt. 10:14 to be as wise as serpents.  Do you know why?  If not then you will want to pre-order and begin checking it out.  Book still in production but will be forthcoming.

Not An Off the Rack Type Chick

This poem is written for the peculiar treasures that YHVH has made.  Embrace your uniqueness, that signature of God that makes you, you..  The world will try to make you conform to it’s ways, but know that you have been called out of the world and into the marvelous light of Christ.  I pray this poem will liberate you to feel comfortable to walk in your purpose.

My style defines me, what you may see as tacky

Is Yah’s unique signature on my life which makes me free

Why must I be bound because you have a crisis of identity?

Quiet as kept my hardwire is perfectly in depth

Not one stroke out of key, but in complete harmony with my King

So love me or hate me

I’m not an off the rack type chick

You’re going to have to dig a little deeper in the pudding jar to get my mix

Just a little below the surface

You’ll find me attached securely to my purpose

A peculiar treasure, I wasn’t made to fit in

Like Lauryn Hill I get out of all your boxes

I’m like a train without brakes when it comes to the word,  in a word


I am attached at the hip to my destiny

I refuse to let the enemy get the best of me

Using those close to me like heavy artillery, but I keep my heart clear by forgiving them

Identify the puppet strings and cut off all ties with unrighteous means

That operate like liens on a car trying to bring me to a halt

Like I said, I’m not an off the rack type chick

I was created to be different

You can’t define me by your limited definitions

Trying to make premonitions on what my end will be

I’m not for show

I’ve been bought with a price paid in red

So that my black and blue scars could see white again

I’m embedded in the thread you can’t erase me

I’m like the running man so catch me if you can

The devil can’t hold me cause I am set free

I will make my boast in the Lord because He owns me

Signed, sealed, delivered and due to eventually return to the Sender

Cause I am only on loan

The world didn’t make me so it can’t brake me

Dead man walking, maybe, but it’s better than being the living walking dead

It’s been said, death where is your sting?

Oh, hell where is your victory?

For the sting of death is sin, but the gift of God is eternal life by the One who took my place

Now that right there is Amazing Grace

Written by: Torie McLaughlin



He Has Risen, Now What?

We have known for thousands of years now that the King of Glory, Son of God (YHVH) was crucified for our sake.  Took the penalty for our sin upon himself and like a lamb dumb before its sheer mumbled not a word in His defense, (Acts 8:32) but always spoke the truth.  Every sign under heaven aligned every prophecy spoken of by the prophets concerning his first coming fulfilled, yet many having him in the flesh before them still denied him as their Messiah.  So here we are milleniums removed from the event, his disciples, and the Apostles in which letters and testimonies we read and hold dear, even if we don’t follow still resonate off the worn and tattered pages of our leather bound bibles.

So what are we doing about it?  While we who profess Christ as our Savior celebrate holidays that were foreign to him, not a one kept nor sanctioned by him, we justify our ignorance, by saying, “well that is for the Jews”  we say to the Jewish Messiah that wears the blood bought stains for the pain that our sin paid the wages for. Yet, every quoted page that says the “Feast of the Jews” originate from something said in the first five books of scripture that doesn’t record such a message.  So again, as the title of this article suggests, now what?  We can still remember the day that He snatched our lives from hell, and the freedom we felt as his words comforted us from our past sins with the promise of new life.  Yet we hearkened not to Paul’s warning concerning sinning, the more that grace abounds (Rom. 6:1-15) and so we relish in our failures and create traps like a magician depending on him each and every time to help us make the great escape, which is tempting God.

For how can we knowing the agony our sin caused this just man Christ to suffer on our behalf live any longer in the fallen state he brought us out of?  Are we really new creatures in him?  Do we really want a new life in Him?  Only you can answer that question, but I leave this thought with you today, Is Christ just an incantation on your lips that you chant when you find yourself in a self made bed of deception, or is that name that is above every name that is named, holy to you?

If it is then what are you doing?

How are you living?

Are you still in bondage or free, are you fulfilling your God ordained destiny or merely content with just being?   Or for you to live is Christ, and to die is gain is that your claim to fame? (Phil. 1:21) Let’s live our lives for Him, no longer on this whimsical ride because we have decided to hold on to the truth.  Walk with Yahushah (Jesus) in spirit and in truth, study to show yourself approved, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed.

Blessings to you all this day as we count the Omer Day TWO (Leviticus 23:15):

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. (Psa 90:12)

An Opportunity for Greatness

What does it really mean to be great in the kingdom of God? As women Yah has given us a unique opportunity to experience what it means to be great in His kingdom. However, this position is not for the faint of heart or those who have not exercised themselves to endure till the end because it will cost you your life to achieve, but the reward of it is out of this world.

As I was painting the floor in my in-laws home I could hear part of this scripture in my head, “the greatest in the kingdom is the servant of all”. Well of course I am always ecstatic when I hear the Father’s words echoing through my mind, but I didn’t realize how close to home that scripture was to where I am at this time in my life. It revolutionized how I viewed my role in the home.

Let me explain, I have been blessed not to have to work in the secular world since I married my husband in 2003. Instead, I became a home builder so to speak, one called to build a family instead of someone elses business. So after saying “I Do” I went from being independent woman to being a homemaker for my husband and stepchildren. It was the transition of a lifetime and though it was right where God wanted me to be it was an adjustment of going from being accountable only to God to now being accountable to my husband and three children who needed me. It was one thing to be a nutritional laboratory scientist as it related to finding out how to keep myself healthy, and something completely different to have to learn how to adjust that to now satisfying the palate of a family of four, complete with producing appropriate ratios. Now had that been my only challenge it might have been an easy win/win, but I quickly learned that stepping down from being one brick worker working in collaboration with a huge team of brick workers to build the empire of a company was a much easier position then building the empire of a family. My work position was like wearing a temporary hat eight hours a day five hours a week in which I could leave my work at the office, but family is a twenty four hour job in which you have to be on duty for at least sixteen hours a day and on call for the other eight. Nothing in my upbringing prepared me for this important evolution and I found out that my on the job training was a slow progress in the making.

Now, fast forward to my painting project which is years after homeschooling, I finally began to get a glimpse of what the Father was giving me. This understanding was right on time because as I begin to look at the things I always wanted and the things that I received let’s just say that after years of doing the same ole thing, but feeling as if my life was at a standstill and as though I was being punished or neglected in the trenches this word was dropped in my Spirit that revolutionized my view concerning how the Father felt about me and the mental torture I was going through at this juncture in my life. See you have to understand I didn’t just enter a blended family, but I entered a family that I wasn’t just a stepmom, but I was also the teacher and the counselor and at the time though I didn’t think about it until after they left the house time was continuing to tick, yet I had not had my own children which I desperately desired, and it didn’t dawn on me that the very energetic and vibrant man I married at the first was advancing his biological clock right along with me, and that the sixteen year gap between our age could put us at different places in our life and desires.

For the past year I felt trapped, trapped in this body that wasn’t working, trapped because here I want my husband to relive daddy days when he is ready to retire. I must say I am not happy about the thoughts that have pervaded my mind, but I will say that though resentful I affirmed to remain faithful to the process that the Father was taking me through, and this painting project was the moment that revitalized my hope. It was this scriptural phrase that didn’t change my circumstances, but changed my outlook. I took this extra long detour through my life because it was the necessary foundation to understand the main point of this article. What I couldn’t see was that Yah was preparing me to be great in his kingdom. So as I looked up that word in scripture the first one that came up in my search was Matthew 18:4 which says,

“Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” (Mat 18:4)

Now keep in mind this is different from the phrase that I saw, but interesting because in His kingdom the “greatest” is the one who is humble. See the tendency when we see this scripture is to focus on the child, but the child is not the focal point because in this analogy he is clearly referencing a specific child as it says “as this little child”, thus Yahushah is focusing on the action of the child he is using as an example of what he wants. Yet at the same time he is also teaching another lesson, as a child is called to be subject to their parents, submitted to authority, having the least amount of control or influence over his circumstances and the direction his life will take, but has to submit himself to his parents, so likewise are we supposed to be submitted to Christ in like manner. A child’s circumstance makes him humble because he has to be completely submitted to others for his wellbeing. We see now why Moses was considered to be the meekest man during his time and how that mentality positioned him for greatness. (Num. 12:3)

Consider all the times that Moses made it clear he couldn’t do it without God, he wouldn’t bring God’s people into the land without him, he was completely dependent on Yah to keep the promise he made. In fact what caused him to not make it into the promised land is when he walked out of that and operated out of his flesh instead of staying in step with Yah. He allowed his emotions to carry him out of the will of God, and this is a mistake as women we are very guilty of making, but can cost us our destiny to be great in our Father’s house.

My study on this topic of the greatest was focused on the Gospels and the next scripture that came up was Mark 9:34-35, which says the following:

“But they held their peace: for by the way they had disputed among themselves, who should be the greatest. And he sat down, and called the twelve, and saith unto them, If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all.” (Mar 9:34-35)

So here we go, contrary to the heavy weight boxer who exemplified neither humility in his strength, nor saw himself as last in any category scripture paints a different picture concerning those who will be great in His kingdom which is unmatched and unparalleled to any temporary glory we may receive for our talents on earth, that if we desire to be greatest (first) in his kingdom then we must be last of all, and servant of all.

This was the opposite of what I was striving for, and in the loving way that only the Father by His Spirit can do, he corrected my thinking about my life, and helped me to see that it’s not about what I get out of life that makes me great in his kingdom, but about how I serve others in Him in this life that makes me great. I was being mentally tortured by the enemy thinking that God was punishing me for my past mistakes or that I was out of the will of God because I desired a godly thing, but was being denied this honor, when in reality he was grooming me for greatness. I have for a while been doing the right things for the wrong reasons, because it was based on a wrong premise. Asking God for things I wanted instead of asking him how I can serve him or to make me a better servant. Desiring to be first and foremost instead of embracing the opportunity he was giving me to be last so that I can lift others up in him.

Is this not why he told the Ephesian church he gave some to be Apostle’s, Prophet’s, Evangelist’s, Pastor’s, and Teacher’s? For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body. Their role was to serve others not to be served. (Eph. 4:11-12) Contrary to the example we see in the Western church in which the flock is expected to serve the minister instead of the servant (which is the meaning of the word minister) feeding his flock. Amazingly we see in scripture where the disciples first fed the multitude before they ate, in our congregations the ministers are rushed to be fed before the masses. (Mar. 6:41) Servant’s (ministers) are rushed to be served before they serve, and with that in mind there is no wonder our flock has the mentality that God is our bellhop that we can command in His son’s name all sorts of things and act as if we should be able to get them. Because we are under the false allusion that our serving a man of God affords us the right to ask of God what we will and he must answer, rather than understand that we are called to serve God, trusting that as a good parent he will provide what we need and knows before we ask. Imagine if our children did to us what we do to God. If our children commanded us to do this or that what our response would be? We would teach them humility and that approach would open the door for such a lesson to take place with an appropriate rod.

Our role as women naturally puts us in the position to be greatest but the world’s definition has caused us to despise this position. In this hour it is vitally important that we get this lesson that he is preparing us for so that in the hour that it will be desperately needed we will fulfill our purpose. Are we ready to be the Harriet Tubman of the world or the Corrie Tin Boom of the world? Or are we looking for our reward where moth and rust does corrupt? Are we willing to make our robe in this world bloody standing for righteousness that we might receive the white robe that the Father has promised to His saints? As the woman was created last, and called to serve Adam, so now is the bride being called to do the same, but the natural picture hasn’t changed. Are we willing to humble ourselves to build His kingdom that bears his name, having no name of our own remaining or are we going to continue to fight for recognition by man which disqualifies our honor by Yah?

It’s a humbling position to say the least that requires that we die to ourselves, what we want, and what we think we deserve, and say not just with our head, but with our heart that we will lift others up without thought to ourselves because we know that he who we can’t see with our physical eye, sees us and is faithful to reward us for all we do in Him. Our God misses nothing, not a shred of hair unnoticed, or a tear lost.

So, will you take your opportunity for greatness? Will you dare to make your prayer life one where you ask the Father to show you, who you can serve today? Will you submit yourself under his hand not seeking recognition from the world, but seeking his will for your life? If so there is an opportunity for greatness available to you in which the riches of this world can’t compare.