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There’s Something About that Name – YHWH Tsidkenu

In his daysH3117 JudahH3063 shall be saved,H3467 and IsraelH3478 shall dwellH7931 safely:H983 and thisH2088 is his nameH8034 wherebyH834 he shall be called,H7121 THE LORDH3068 OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.H6664 (Jer 23:6)

The setting of this scripture and the proclamation that is being stated concerning what we will call YHWH is based on a future prophetic event. It is clear as you read the chapter because the events mentioned have not yet happened in biblical times, nor in our time. It is referencing a time when like the Prodigal Son the children of the Most High will return to Him. They will turn away from the pagan gods that they have served and be true only to him. As we have discovered there are ways that YHWH revealed himself to his people that in most cases were specific and unique to that individual. As we see in the case of Abraham who articulated his experience in God in a way that we don’t see evident in the lives of other followers. As we have pointed out in previous episodes that this is significant and prophetic. Likewise this prophecy clearly reveals that the people who will encounter this particular experience and call YHWH their righteousness will reach a pivotal point in their life where they will witness the hand of God move in a way that no other group in times past, could relate to. YHWH like in the time of Moses is going to do a new thing and as in the time he did so with Moses we choose which side of that new thing we will take part in. We can either be on YHWH’s side and witness the miracles from the land of the living, or we can be with those in the rebellion against God and find ourselves swallowed up in the pit of the earth. YHWH gives us opportunities to escape hell we would do well to take them.

This word righteousness in the ancient Hebrew is spelled:

tsidkenu                Interesting thing is if you have e-sword and you look at this in the KJV+ version of scripture you won’t see all these characters. You have to look at it in the interlinear bible in order to see the full word here. Hebrew reads from right to left so the first character which is tsade (tsade) means “path” or “side” as it is the picture that looks like someone on their side, “straight, just, or right”. This character depicts one who walks in a straight path. The second character is dalet (dalet) which is the picture of a tent door and means to “enter or exit” or to “flow”. The third character is quph (quph) this is the picture of either the back of one’s head or the sun on the horizon. The meaning of this character is sun, revolution, circle, and horizon. It can also mean time or condense. The fourth character is nun (n) which is a seed sprout which means continue, life, or seed as the life of anything starts from the seed. The fifth and final character is waw (waw) this character is the picture of a nail peg and means to establish, secure, or add as all of these are functions of a nail. When we put the letters together we see that righteousness is when the straight path which enters and exits the horizon continues to establish or secure.

In my final episode of There’s Just Something About that Name we will look at the name that sums it up from A to Z, so to speak. We will look at the Aleph Tav which appears over 7,000 times in the Hebrew Scripture, yet not once in our English bible. We will discover the meaning of this hidden word and why it is the foundation for everything not hidden that we find in scripture concerning God. For the invisible things of God are clearly seen by the things which he has made, even his eternal Godhead. (Rom. 1:20) I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have been excited about sharing with you the things Yah has been showing me. More importantly I hope that you will begin exploring your own adventure studies and sharing it with others as Yah empowers you.

All Ancient Hebrew Characters made available by Jeff Benner @ http://www.ancient-hebrew.org/