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There’s Something About that Name – YHWH Yirah

There’s Something about that Name – YHWH Yirah

YHWH Yirah is a name many of us are familiar with as it relates to Abraham offering up his son Isaac the promised seed as a sacrifice at Yah’s request. This event was profound because in no instance before or after do we encounter YHWH requesting that anyone offer up a human being as a living sacrifice. While this was common place for those who worshipped other gods, it was never until this time a request made by the one true God, YHWH.

You would be amazed to know what it means and how closely related it is to the previous weeks name El Roi.   The Hebrew number (H3070) appears only once in scripture and it is here in Genesis 22:14. A great picture this reveal for the Messiah as this was the term used to describe the deliverance YHWH performed on behalf of Abraham’s seed, and it took place only once in all of history. Does this sound familiar? Do we know of any other Father who sacrificed his son? Yes we do, that Father is YHWH who sacrificed His son Yahushah (Jesus) who fulfilled both the position of Isaac as the only begotten of the Father and also fulfilled the position of the ram that was sacrificed in Isaac’s place as the substitute sacrifice for us. Scripture tells us that this would only happen once. (Heb. 10:10) Is it possible this was what he was showing us all along in this story?


Now let’s look at the characters that make up the word YHWH Yirah. YHWH is the proper name for our heavenly Father in Hebrew. Many of us are familiar with seeing it written this way, JEHOVAH, however, for many reasons this is not an accurate rendering of his name. One being unlike English Hebrew has only twenty two characters all of which can be viewed in 8 verse stanza’s in your bible in the book of Psalms chapter 119. Another reason why it wouldn’t be Jehovah is because vowel’s in Hebrew work differently than they do in English. There are no separate characters as there are letters in English that stand for vowel markings. In order to accommodate our language the vowels in JEHOVAH were added for phonetics. Finally, the letter “J” is new to our language and was added to give a masculine sound to the letter Y. Therefore in the original bible “J” would not have been there, but, rather “Y”.

So now let’s look at the word again, reading from right to left the four characters spell (YHWH) which is made up of (Yad1) Yad, (hey) Hey, (waw) Vav or Waw, and (hey) Hey again. The first character (Yad1 ) is a closed hand and means to “work”, “make” or “throw”. The second and fourth character (hey ) means to “reveal”, “look” or “behold” and the other character of the first word YHWH is (waw) which means “to establish”, “nail”, “add” or “secure”. So when we put it together we see that the hands reveal the nail revealed. As we said in a previous episode that the Father saw His son from the beginning and yes indeed Yahushah was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the World. He came forth from the bosom of the Father from heaven as a living sacrifice to spare us the Isaac’s of the world who are appointed unto death as all of the first Adam’s children are appointed. He, Yahushah (Jesus), taking the full wages due to us as a penalty for our actions.

Now let’s look at Yirah which starts with the same first character for YHWH (Yad1) the second character (resh) reysh is the picture of a man’s head and since at the crown of creation Yah produced Adam and he was given dominion over the earth and all that was put therein he is considered the “chief” or “authority” along with Eve of course who comes forth from out of him. The next character is (aleph ) Aleph which is the picture of an ox’s head and since an ox is known for its strength and Hebrew also doubles for numeric value and Aleph is the first character of the Aleph bet then it also has the meaning “first”. The ending character is Hey (hey) so when we put this word together we see that “the work of the chief’s strength is revealed”. As we know indeed the hands that reveal the nail revealed is the work of our Lord’s strength revealed and there is no disputing that for any of us who understand that we should be the one on the altar being sacrificed. Our guilty blood was made clean by His innocent blood in our stead.

In our next episode of There’s Something About that Name we will explore El Shaddai, God Almighty. Once again we will see the mighty ways that Yah revealed himself to father Abraham as a living example for us to understand more about who He is also for us. When we know who has all might we can then understand why there is nothing too hard for him and nothing we can’t do with Him in us.