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There’s Something About that Name – El Elyon

In this week’s study on the name of God we will explore the Most High – El Elyon. We first encounter the Most High as Abram eats bread and wine with Melchizedek. (Gen. 14:17-20) Whose name means my righteous King, which perfectly describes the Most High God possessor of heaven and earth. The Hebrew word for Most High God is El Elyon and it appears 53 times in scripture with the strongs number for reference being H5945. As we continue to read we see that Abram did what we should expect to do when we encounter the mediator (Priest) of the Most High, he gave. Just think about it, if you met the intercessor, mediator, between God and yourself and you of course reverence God wouldn’t you want to be a blessing to such a man? This is the motivation of many believers who give love offerings as well as their tithes to the ministry that they attend, but when you really know that you know that this is a Priest of the Most High wouldn’t you want to give the best of what you got? I know I do, so much so that sometimes I want to keep it so that when that day comes I’ll be able to lay it at his feet, just like that woman who saved her oil and poured her costly anointed oil all over the lord of Glory, Yahushah in preparation for His burial. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be empty handed I want to be wise enough to save my oil so that I can have it to see my King, to not let my light burn out before I reach the finish line.

The Hebrew picture for this word El Elyon is basically two words, the first one being singular form of Elohim, El and Elyon meaning supreme, lofty, elevation. All of which accurately describes our heavenly Father. As his ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts our thoughts. (Isa. 55:8)


El is the singular form of Elohim and it is comprised of the Aleph which is the ox’s head and means strength as well as first. The second character is Lamed which is a rod or shepherds staff and means authority as we see this was the natural illustration he gave Moses to demonstrate the Father’s power and judgment. When we put these two characters together we see that El is the First Shepherd or Strong Authority.



The first character in Elyon is the picture of an eye ball and is pronounced in Hebrew Ayin. Since the eye is associated with knowledge it carries the meaning to know, or to see, again we have the shepherd’s staff which we discussed above. The third character is named Yad in Hebrew and it is the picture of a closed hand with arm and carries the meaning, to throw, make, do, or work since these are all functions of the hand and arm jointly.   The fourth character is the Hebrew word Vav which is the picture of a nail or nail peg. Both having the same function to secure something or establish something as well as to add. The last character in Hebrew is called Nun and it is the picture of a seed sprout.   As you know a seed produces life and therefore the meaning is life or to continue since the purpose of life was to be continuous in its origin, hence the “Tree of Life” had it have been eaten instead of the “Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil” would have produced exactly that eternal life. Thus this is why it is important to be born again not of corruptible seed (First Adam), but of the incorruptible seed of the word of God (Last Adam) that we might have right to eat of the tree of life. So putting everything together we see authority work to establish or secure life. This is what is revealed from the picture.


Now when we think of El Elyon we recognize based on His function that the Strong Shepherd or authority is the seeing Shepherd that does establish life. What we witness in the testimony of Melchizedek concerning Abram is that Abram knew the Shepherd’s hand established life.

elyon excerpt

We must always remember in the volume of the book it is written of Him. He is the Lord of Glory who came down from heaven and was high and lifted up on a stake for our sake so that we might behold the glory of the only begotten son of God. He obtained all glory and victory over death and hell for us and is now seated at the right hand of the heavenly Father who is the First Authority making intercession for us as our High Priest. What tithe would be acceptable to the one who gave his life for us to be reunited with our God who is His Father and ours? He wants it all and He deserves it all.

The next episode of There’s Something About that Name we will uncover the deep meaning behind the name El Roi, the God who sees.

All Ancient Hebrew Characters provided by Jeff Benner Ancient Hebrew Research Center

No Neutral Ground

                There comes a point in life where you begin to want to know how things spiraled as out of control as they have. As things progress and advance technologically it is as if we have gone back in time, biblical times of Sodom and Gomorrah as it relates to our sin as a nation. Pinpointing that exact moment of change somehow seems like a necessary piece of the puzzle to overturn the path we have chosen. Now the current wave seems to be “gender neutrality”. Those who embrace this way of thinking no longer wants to make a difference anymore between men and women and instead of celebrating the complimentary difference built into us by the Creator it seems to be a move to erase it altogether. When God created us he said he created us in His image and likeness which means that built into the difference between man and woman there is a unique, yet common link that reveals the picture of who He is. We should embrace that built in difference, celebrate it, honor it, and appreciate it for what it is rather than buck it.

                History teaches us anything that goes against nature eventually becomes extinct. While our God is a unified one, it should be clear he is not a neutral one. He has definite aspects of who he is and there is distinction in his makeup. Neutrality in fact is something he categorizes as being lukewarm and scripture reveals he can’t stomach that. (Rev. 3:16) The point is in our quest for pursuing equality we never ask ourselves what is the function of our being. The essence of why these bodies we have been given was made the way they were, and what life would be like without our purpose being fulfilled. If we aren’t careful we will discover what the end of our choice will lead to.

                Intrinsic to the Hebrew language which is made up of pictures is the prophetic picture of what an unholy union against nature and nature’s God looks like, we will see where “gender neutrality” leads. (Rom. 1:26-32) Let us look at the Hebrew word for “man” and then let’s look at the Hebrew word for “woman” and see what we discover. We also will see what we will get if we ignore the distinction that Yah has given each one. We will see the end result of the “feminist movement” that we have fought for, for so long.

                The natural result of men not loving their wife and women not respecting their husband is sexual confusion further creating the identity crisis that this hodge podge experiment in the U.S. as the melting pot of every nation has become; a conglomeration of out of order systems from the top of the seat of authority to the average household in any given State. If there is no distinction amongst us then there can be no order either. Both men and women are leaders in the area that they have been chosen to lead, but if the household is left without a leader what else can we produce but sickly, depressed, and confused offspring? Let’s look at the Ancient Hebrew characters below and see how they reveal this truth.











Name of God



                As we read these words above, I want you to notice the similarities in the characters between “man” and “woman”. In Hebrew words are written from right to left so we will start at the right to see what both of them have in common.

                The first character is (aleph) pronounced “aleph” in English and it means strength (abstract), ox (concrete, as it looks like an ox’s head), and being the first character in the Hebrew Alephbet it holds the numeric value of “first”. This is the first character both man and woman have in common and it is what they have equality in, being strong, being lead in creation, since they together were given dominion and made in the image and likeness of Elohim. Neither man nor woman was given dominion over each other, but rather they shared dominion over the earth. Nevertheless, there is still a first amongst equals otherwise confusion ensues.

                The second character for man is (yad) pronounced “yad” or “yood” in English and it means to “work, make, or do” (abstract) and is the picture of an “arm or closed hand” (concrete) as in Hebrew the hand as presented in this character is not just the part that works the five fingers but goes as far up as the elbow. Thus, a man must “first” (Aleph) “work” (Yad) and as Creation reveals that was what he first did when he was created in naming the animals. (2 Th 3:10) He was commissioned to work.

                The second character in woman is the same as the last character in man so we will cover both at the same time. The character (sheen) resembles the picture of “teeth” (concrete) and is pronounced in English “sheen” and its meaning reflects its appearance as one “consumes, devours, and presses” (abstract) with their teeth. So we see that a man must first work before he consumes (eat) as scripture has said. (Php. 2:6) The woman is the one who first consumed as we also see in scripture that it was Eve who first consumed the forbidden fruit in Genesis that would reveal the naked state that they had been in.

                The only thing left is the last character for woman which is (hey) and it is the picture of a man with his hands in surrender mode. This character in English is pronounced “hey” and also carries a similar meaning as we use the word in English meaning “to reveal, to look, or to see” (abstract). Reflecting the exact picture of what happened with Eve, which is why as a result God established a system of protection for women so that the deception that caused the great fall for humanity wouldn’t be repeated. (1 Tim. 2:14) The other truth revealed in the fall of Adam and Eve was just how much influence women do have with their husbands and why if we desire for that influence to be used for good instead of evil we need to be led by the Spirit of God and not our flesh.

                Now I want you to notice the word below both “man” and “woman” in the table above and pay close attention to the characters that they have in common with “man” and “woman” the word “Fire”. But as we stated those things within our character that distinguish us as well as those that unite us must not be neglected otherwise we have chaos. We see that the word fire (Ash – fire) shares both the same first letter as man and woman and the last character for man and the second character for woman makes up its second letter. Together the word means “strong consumer” which we can agree fire is. It is both to be respected as something that can bring life, when contained in a freezing cold environment and death when not contained. Thus we see “fire” is a substance at least as far as Hebrew that is reflected in both man and woman but when used together represents that life giving and sustaining substance as the man is the one who “works” – yad in the fire fire and the woman is the one who is “revealed” or “comes out of” – hey the fire.(1 Cor. 3:15; Eph. 5:23-32)

                That is the constructive life giving aspect of man and woman, however we also can see from the same picture what happens when we erase that which distinguishes us, i.e. become “gender neutral”. I added another word to our list after fire, because I like to save the best for last, which is the name for God. The character for God’s name like the distinctive x and y chromosomes in our DNA which determines our gender spells the poetic short form of God’s name “Yah”. Think it a coincidence that the “y” in English corresponds to “yad” in Hebrew? Or do you think that it is a coincidence that when we look at “hey” it resembles an “x” in English? When we take out those distinctive characters that exist between man and woman and we double what remains we are left with “firefire” or in English “Ash Ash”. In Hebrew culture to double a word is equivalent to an English superlative. It is the equivalent of putting an –est like we do in “best” to distinguish it from “better” or “good”. Thus fire, fire would be comparable to the destruction that occurred in Sodom and Gomorrah. Our lives then begin to incorporate the twisted image that erases the presence or picture or image (as Hebrew characters are pictures, in which pictures are images) of Yah from our makeup producing something that will be subject to the strong consumer for indeed our God is a Consuming Fire. (Deut. 4:24)

                Bottom line is we had better make sure that we are not adding or taking away from the distinctions nor forgetting or belittling the similarities between us otherwise we will produce an image that does not reflect the image of God. Therefore in this equation neutrality is not an option we either reflect the image of God in our lives or we deflect it and there is no middle ground.

A Chosen People


In this assignment to restore the ancient Hebrew characters to God’s children the journey has brought about new friends in new places. As I consider the diversity of my enlarged family and the beautiful diversity that exists within it, I am reminded of scripture. Scripture does not endorse superior races the concept is an evolutionary term that has been used to divide groups of people based on their cultural, geographical, and external differences. The word “race” as we use it won’t even be found in scripture.   For that matter none of the sons that Noah had which repopulated the earth that we have today would use color as a means of division. What we find are nations, tribes, and tongues. While the differences are inherent the focus is not on external appearances but on differences that are based on geographical location and speech, those things which makes relating to one another difficult. However, the beauty of it all is that God would use the very thing he used to divide us at the Tower of Babel to bring us back into the household of faith in the Upper Room. Today He is doing the same thing in restoring us back to himself he is using that which divided us to bring us back together. I have been blessed to meet family who by the world’s definition have been taught to either be foreigners, strangers, or enemies based on strained or purposely divided histories, but how Yah reached over all the boundaries of past hurts and flawed teachings to make of a divided people a peculiar treasure.

The world teaches through the guise of evolution that there is a Superior race, yet scripture reveals the truth of the situation. It is a worldly philosophy that is the counterfeit to the word of God. So if you have been taught or subscribe to that I pray that this article will set you free. If you have been wounded by others because that mindset has been used to make you feel inferior or less than, then this truth shall also make you free. The bottom line is this, there is no evolutionary chain, no Neanderthal man, cave man, or barbarian these terms are made by man and not scripturally sound nor found. The Children of Israel were a chosen people not a superior people. As many of us are awakening to our Hebraic heritage there are some who may not know or subscribe to any biological ancestry to the tribes of Israel and then there are those who are quite aware who they are and of what tribe they belong. Yet, I want you to know that we ought not to boast if we find our link naturally in one of the tribes, nor should we feel as if we are the forgotten stepchild if we find ourselves in only through being grafted. Because truth be told scripture didn’t make a difference by the blood seed even before Christ walked the earth. The law that was given in Mt. Sinai was for the native born and the stranger who sojourned amongst them.

We shouldn’t boast because God makes it clear that we who are in Israel by biological connection were not chosen because of how great we were, nor were we righteous, but because of a promise that was made to Abraham. Deut. 9 In the New Testament scriptures we see Yahushah making this clear to those who were of natural descent who relied on their relationship with Abraham that though they were naturally Abraham’s seed, their Father was not God, but rather the devil because of the deeds (choices) they made.John 8 If nothing else in this article sticks with you let this line stand out above all else, we remain a chosen people so long as we choose Christ. We do not stand with God based on merit, genealogical birthright, nor our ability to keep every single letter of the law. What Yahushah was revealing to them was Torah the New Testament reminder of the Deuteronomy nine lesson that as we come into the awakening of the truth that we remember to remain humble, because indeed we cannot boast against the branches because it is the root that bares us.Rom. 11:18 If we keep Torah for any other reason than because we love God then our hearts are not circumcised even if our flesh is. We mustn’t forget the lesson of the young man Yahushah points out who said he kept the commandments from his youth up, yet he still lacked something in being made complete and what he lacked was not the circumcision of the flesh, it was the one of the heart. Matt 19:17-21 He reaped the benefits of keeping the Law, but chose the benefits and rejected the Giver of them when provided the opportunity. Until we identify with the Law Giver then we are lost, we are reaping the benefits of the principles of the covenant but forsaking the Giver of it. Just as the world uses the principles of God in business and reap the wealth, but takes credit for it rather than giving God the glory. They boast in being self made men rather than God blessed men and make the error of Nebuchadnezzar and find themselves pierced with many sorrows. Of course this doesn’t apply to all with wealth because we know that there were many who walked with Yahushah who had money, but money didn’t have them. This is the point, many of us must remember that even if we are biological descendants of the seed of Abraham we have no need to boast because many of us are in exile because of our ancestors disobedience. We indeed come from the same stiffnecked bunch that Moses had to contend with in the wilderness and the purpose of exile and losing our identity in the world was to humble us as sure as Joseph having to go through the pit, slavery, and prison was made to produce the same humility.

In this hour to see the things we do and to have the understanding we have we are indeed blessed, but the most significant question is now what? What are we going to do with it? Are we going to humbly reach out to our brothers and sisters who are lost and try to help them see the light? Or are we going to separate ourselves from them and boast in our knowledge of the truth while point out their ignorance? Are we going to exemplify the same compassion for them that Yah extended to us to bring us out of darkness into the Light of life? Yahushah, the prophet’s of old, the Apostle’s, and Disciples, all suffered greatly for sharing the same information we have been privileged with to share today and though our feelings have been hurt, many of us have not yet resisted unto blood as they have fighting against sin yet many of us if we are not careful will forfeit a lot of the reward that awaits us because of our brothers and sisters resistance to the truth. Heb. 12:4

                        We know the pattern scripture lays it out for us very clearly we are going to be hated for telling the truth. We are going to be resisted for confronting our brothers and sisters in their sin, but know that we are also going to be judged if we do not warn them as the Prophet Ezekiel taught, and like Jude instructs us many we will save with fear, pulling them out the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.Jud 1:23 It’s hard to pull something out of the fire without getting burned, it is impossible to do so without Yahushah being there with us. We have to know that this truth is going to burn people with rage as they are confronted but we are cautioned to let love prevail, recognizing that without him they are lost just as we were. It is our responsibility to show the Law Giver in the Law to those who are without law. Just as it’s the parents responsibility to train their children and not the other way around it is our responsibility to share the truth we know to those who don’t know it.

In conclusion, the restoration that Yah is doing the greatest issues we in North America will have to deal with is the rooted hatred and bigotry that has stained us as a people. We can’t be victims and victorious at the same time, nor can we be murderer’s and enter into the kingdom of Heaven. What we must do is remember the legacy of Joseph who even when he was abused by his brothers when the Father saw fit to join them together he humbly and wisely understood that all that befell him was for the purpose of preserving life and a necessary part of building him into a Servant of Yah. Likewise is that the goal for us to be in the image and likeness of Yahushah who did not count it as robbery to be equal with God, nor had a problem humbling himself as the Son of Joseph to serve His brethren. So I challenge you to walk in love both tough and tender so that we, as His chosen people, might be found faithful in the final analysis.