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Finding My Way Out Of Endo

cave-555727_1920So I haven’t had to deal with any pain or other issues with endometriosis since 2001.  I have read countless testimonies online about the battle with this disease for so many women.  But I know it is the favor of God that has kept me from making this part time headache a full time job.  However, the last few weeks I have been getting that oh so familiar feeling but this time not during my cycle, and coupled with constipation.  Unfortunately, IBS has been a battle since my surgeries.  Bouts of diarrhea and constipation coupled with occasional cramping would become an occasional unwanted guest in my day.  After the surgeries I had in 2001 I already had my mind made up that the only physician’s prescription I will follow is that of the Great Physician, Messiah Yahushah.

Although I have had constipation before I never recalled it causing me to have that sort of pain before.  That is when I perceived Yah was revealing to me that the constipation I was experiencing was the culprit for the pain.  When I relieved the constipation, I relieved the pain.  Unfortunately, it took an enema to do the trick.  I can’t remember the last time I used one of these, but I assure you it is not the path I would choose to alleviate it, but desperate times cause for desperate measures.  So I went everywhere looking for one of those old fashion water bottle kits, had no luck finding one.  Everything is linked back to already created elixirs, so I had to turn to ordering online what I needed.  However, until then I ended up getting the already put together kit of saline solution and it worked.  It took about half a day before the pain completely vanished from seering up my right leg, and that is when I came to the conclusion that constipation could be irritating the inflammation, causing the pain.  I had already been daily drinking smoothies with berries and radishes but this pain was still coming. It was only when I was able to get the sewage out of my system that I experienced relief.  The constipation hasn’t gone completely away, yet, but the pain sure has.  Once my kit comes in I will keep you posted on what mix I used and if it is helping.  I will probably post my results on http://www.essentialtreasures247.wordpress.com.

Shaking Things Into Place

photostudio_1467157743648.jpgI got fitted for a bra the other day and once you get past the uncomfortableness of revealing way more to a complete stranger than you desire the end result is worthwhile. Allowing someone who has majored in your weakness to assist you in dealing with the intimate areas of your life can make a remarkable difference in helping you shape up your presentation to the world. This is what the Holy Spirit does for us, He helps us shape things up in our lives that without knowledge or courage we wouldn’t be able to do ourselves. If we allow Him to He comes in and helps to shape up the areas we are resistant for others to see. Sometimes we have to get out of ourselves to allow someone in so that we can become the person we are destined to be.

I must admit it did help that the one who was assisting me was my stepdaughter instead of a complete stranger. Of course, not even she would have seen all of what hid behind layers of clothing before this event, but it always helps to have someone close to you expose you privately than a complete stranger. This is why relationship with Yah is so critical. When we recognize that he is our Father, and we are no longer just servants, but friends of God then we begin to embrace His counsel for our lives realizing that what he desires for us is better for us. He is not grossed out by our battle scars or intimidated by our belly rolls, he instead instructs us as to how we can shake things into place. This was the remarkable part about this experience for me. As you get older, and especially if you are well endowed, your body begins to form into the prostrate position without any assistance from you. However, manmade apparatuses meant to push you back into place, so to speak require a little help from you and gravity. So, once you put your bra on and move from the upright position to the tilted forward position you can then shake your girls into the cups of the bra, once again experiencing that youthful position with just a little nudge from gravity. We have to shake the ugliness of death from us so that we can embrace the fullness of life in Him. Once we do that then things can be shaken back into their proper place.

I always chose bras without wires, until my bra fitter explained to me that I must have been wearing the wrong size bra if I could feel the wire. Sometimes we are trying to contain big dreams in bowls that are too small. We can’t be afraid to upsize when our dreams are too big to fit in our current cups. Having the right size makes all the difference in having quality support. So if people around you can’t see the vision Yah has put in your heart you may need to enlarge your territory. Perhaps you are wearing the wrong size cup, so to speak. We should always be hard wired into Christ, he is the one size fit all support that we need.

Now, once we are faced with the reality check that our size has shifted, we need not be upset that we are larger than we expected. Enlarging our territory is naturally what occurs when we have matured. Now there are things we shake into place, and then there are things that He puts into place. The natural only reflects the spiritual principles that are at work, but it’s the spiritual picture that we need in order to experience life. Know that our life doesn’t consist of the abundance of things, in fact it’s really the simple things in life we take for granted that has the greatest impact on our purpose. It’s the little things we overlook that builds the big things in our future. We would be amazed at the big revelations we miss that Yah tries to show us in the simple things of life. Who would have ever thought a bra fitting would lead to an article that shares such a profound and simple truth.

As It Was In The Beginning

Isaiah 46:9-10 tells us that Yah declared the end from the beginning and from ancient times things that are not yet done. This scripture reveals that if we want to know the end (which draws nearer with each breath) that we must understand what happened in the beginning. It has been said that Genesis is the seed book, that the entire bible unfolds like a seed sprouting from the ground. A misunderstanding of the beginning will cause us to be completely confused about the day and hour we are living in. For instance understanding the beginning will help us to better understand why a land that is as small as Israel is the crux of such controversy and the place where all of the world’s guns are pointed. Touching Yah’s people and Yah’s land is always the central focus of the enemy, because his goal is to be God. How does an enemy prove his authority? By taking out all those who opposes it, therefore the enemies tactics are no different than that which we see when we understand the significance of sports, the adversarial position it puts you in because the goal is that one will win and by default that means there has to be a loser. In every action pack superhero adventure there is a villain (antagonist) and then there is the hero (protagonist). We know the hero will always win going into the movie, but what keeps us on the edge of our seat is how this will be brought about. Such predictions concerning the end can also be found in the beginning.

Let’s examine what was the cause of humanity which was created for life eternal yet by their choice became subject to death? In general we would say disobedience, which is an accurate assessment of the situation, but doesn’t exactly cover the particular infraction that was made. Yah doesn’t just share facts without a reason. Every detail is important for us to understand something not just about the beginning but also the end. As we have been advised by Ecclesiastes there is indeed nothing new under the sun. (Ecc. 1:9) So what was it again that caused the Father and Mother of all humanity to fall? It was eating food off of the wrong tree. From life eternal a sure death was based upon that which we put into our mouths. Today what is the cause of most of the autoimmune diseases that are responsible for shortening our lives? FOOD or at least something disguised as food under the label of “substantially equivalent”. We are slowly killing ourselves because we continue to eat that which God said would surely bring death rather than eating that which would surely bring life. As you journey through scripture you will see that instructions concerning diet by God continued throughout scripture and remained one of the things that he intended to set his people apart.

We find that God distinguishes diet for those who are his and those who are not. When Noah gets off the ark we find for the first time that God permits humanity to eat meat. (Gen. 1:29) Humanities meat from the beginning was that which came from vegetation. Many of us are familiar with the instructions Yah gave to Noah before boarding the ark concerning how many of every kind were permitted to board; unless your only encounter with this passage of scripture has been that of Hollywood’s interpretation. While the enemy has of course his purposes of altering truth, it is very important to know the answer to this question in full. Many who have only encountered this scripture by way of television enactment will more than likely come to the wrong conclusion that there were only two of every kind of animal allowed aboard. This is a partial truth, when we actually go back to read in Genesis 7:2 we will see that God actually instructed Noah to put seven of every clean kind on the ark and two of the unclean.

Many would ask the question why would God want to preserve unclean animals? To which I would ask another question, which if you understand the answer to it will help you understand the answer to this question. “Why would the Father put a tree in the garden that would cause death if one ate from it?” Would it not have been better just to remove the possibility of sin altogether? But then if humanity cannot choose to love can they truly love? God didn’t want computers, he wanted a family. This is why Yahushah when he teaches his disciples how to pray instructs them to pray, “Our Father…” (Matt. 6:9)

Therefore in Genesis 9:3-4 we see that Noah is told that mankind can eat of any animal that they desire, yet take note that if this was God’s desire for all humanity what would be the significance of labeling one clean and the other unclean? So then what we see occurring is that God only allows the clean animals to be offered up to him as a sacrifice. How is this significant to us? Genesis 1:26 tells us what the goal for humanity is from the beginning. He desired for us to be made in his image and likeness. If we are to be like God shouldn’t we then only desire the things that are pleasing to Him? If we know that his desire is to have a relationship with us then the question to ask ourselves is in our relationship with our earthly parents is it customary that children eat a different diet then their parents? So let’s consider this, Noah when he gets off the ark is told that mankind can eat anything that moves, yet we see that Noah clearly understood that only clean animals should be offered up to Yah as offerings since we see that he did indeed sacrifice only clean animals to God. (Gen. 8:20)

Hence, as it was in the beginning God who created both trees, who created both animals, now allows both animals in the midst of the earth hence giving humanity a choice. When we examine animals that are considered clean versus those considered unclean we notice that those which are unclean have a consistent diet of eating that which lends itself towards death. Of those that are unclean that don’t feed on death we see that those animals preserve a particular use to humanity as servants of mankind such as the horse or the donkey. While we can come up with numerous philosophical and legitimate scientific purposes for why we should not eat the things God said not to eat and why we should eat the things he said to eat the bottom line is like Adam and Eve we have to make a choice, either we will accept God at his word knowing that he is not a man that he shall lie nor the son of man that he shall repent, and choose the acceptable diet or we will consume ourselves with reasoning as to why we can choose to eat what we want even when it lends itself towards death.

While we find no evidence that Abraham ate anything other than that which is clean according to scripture we do not see Yah addressing what foods are acceptable or unacceptable until we get to Exodus. It is here that we find a restriction of food once again given. Now the first object forbidden to eat in Genesis was fruit, the second object forbidden to eat was meat, now in this particular case the third object forbidden to eat is bread, specifically leavened bread.

This somewhat lengthy introduction serves as the crescendo to an indepth ongoing study looking into the Biblical Diet where we rather than taking isolated sound bites from the end of the Bible actually go back to the foundation of the New Testament to really answer the question concerning if the Biblical diet established by Yah was intended to be kept by those who follow him or not? In this particular series of writing we will be discussing the biblical diet. Many of us are accustomed to all the secular diets on the table, there’s the Atkins diet, the Paleo diet, the Gluten Free diet, the vegan diet, and on and on and on. All of which boasts benefits of weight loss, sugar regulation, allergy free living, and much, much, more. None of which compete with the Biblical diet point of fact I would say the biblical diet would be the balance of them all flourishing in a wide variety of options from vegetables, fruit, meats, seeds, dairy, and grains.

In conclusion, this particular article serves as an introduction, but my hope is that you will indeed ponder the rhetorical questions I have put forth and investigate for yourself what the scriptures teach concerning diet. I can give you scripture upon scripture to indeed prove that Yah did establish a specific diet for His set apart people whether you call yourself Jew (Judah) or Gentile (Israel who also calls themselves the church). Jeremiah tells us that the New covenant was made between two groups of people and that is the House of Judah and the House of Israel, these two make up the church. This is clearly revealed in scripture since the very first church was the “church in the wilderness” as reflected in the book of Acts. (Jeremiah 31:31; Acts 7:38) There is no covenant made with gentiles, no gate at the entrance to the city named after them in Revelation, it is only a covenant with the twelve tribes of which we enter in by blood, and that blood is that of Yahushah. Accepting His blood is not license to sin, but rather victory over it. Thus his holy life is made sanctified through our walking as he did not contrary to how he did. Hence, how we eat as well as how we live reveals who we serve as it was in the beginning.

Strategic Eating

Paul tells us that we do not fight as one who beats the air, yet many of us eat with absolutely no consideration of what our body needs. (1 Cor. 9:26) We satisfy the trigger that tells us we are hungry, but much the same way an ignorant person satisfies the check engine light that appears on the dash of their vehicle. We shut off the warning as quickly as we can without addressing the underlying cause of the signal. Food is a necessary part of living but the question is do we eat for life? For health? Cleansing give us an opportunity to focus on something greater than our bellies. Those who are the called will have to set themselves apart from business as usual to get a greater perspective in Yah. Just as Yahushah would often times set himself apart from even his disciples to get clear instructions from Yah. We must lay aside the weight that keeps us back from being effective for the kingdom. It’s not enough that we are willing but more important that we are able to run the race in which we are called.
We are called to exercise our faith as well as our body. Being a living sacrifice means we should not determine what we do by our comfort or convenience but rather by His purpose and this does not exclude what we eat. The Father starts with what we eat in determining our obedience to Him. Consider the beginning, Yah chose to use food as the measuring stick for Adam and Eve’s obedience and hence love for him. This is powerful, has the God that changes not, changed his pattern? As surely as eating from the wrong tree caused Adam and Eve to surely die, so likewise many of us as believers find ourselves with many sicknesses and diseases that leads towards death because of our lack of adhering to the Bread of Life and the message He presented.
We must develop habits that lead to healthy lives. The work is abundant, but the laborers are few. (Matt. 9:37) Temple cleansing removes that which is unprofitable so that you can put in that which is needed. It is a set apart time that we take to give ourselves to Yah without the distractions of the world entering in. By even preparing for a cleanse you set aside time to prepare meals in advance so that your mind can be focused on what’s more important. As we prepare for the new Biblical Year we need to have the perspective of our Father in order to be prepared for the things that will shortly take most of the world unawares.
In every area of our lives we need to be as wise as serpents, yet harmless as doves. Serpents are strategic in their going after prey. They recognize that food is a necessary part of their survival, we must likewise understand that food is a necessary part of our survival. I am not just talking about the physical, but also the spiritual food. Many of us eat the bread of idleness both physically and spiritually. We are being amused, and consuming imitations of real food and the fruit that these things that we fill our lives with are worthless resides in the fact that we leave empty, unsatisfied, hungry for something else. There is a part of you that only God can fill and there is no supplement that can make up for its deficiency. God is the ultimate reality that we all must face and when we come before Him we do not want to come empty handed.
Today, I just want to prick your mind with the thought that our lives should be lived strategically. Our eating should serve its necessary purpose, and the things that we allow our minds to feed on should not be a construct of empty calories, but should fulfill the purpose in which we were created.