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Being Spiritually Grounded

I want to make it clear to my readers, that while I promote the use of therapeutic Grade oils because of its purity, I want it to be known that lasting healing comes from God (YHWH), it is a gift to the believer paid for by the stripes on Yahushah’s back. (Isa. 53:5) It is important to look at oils the same way we look at food. Doctors will tell you consistently that many autoimmune diseases can be prevented or treated by a healthy diet and exercise. Essential oils are naturally an extension of that and like food you will only reap the full benefit without any undesirable side effects by eating it as provided by the Father, the right way, in the right quantity, grown in right conditions. Essential oils require the same thing in order to reap the benefits, they need to be separate from chemical constituents, solvents, and harmful ingredients that are counterproductive to health in order for us to maximize the greatest benefit.  The right food produces healthier cells, the wrong food produces sick cells, the right oils promote healthy cell regeneration the wrong ones promote sick cell regeneration and since oils are highly concentrated you multiply in time and quality whichever one you choose to use.

I do not support or endorse New Ageism on any level it is idolatry.  However, because like food, and herbs, oils are used in pagan practices as well a distinction must be made between that which is profane and that which is holy. Scripturally, children of Israel were instructed to use oils and we know that then like today, the use of oils were not limited to those who were YHWH’s children.  Nevertheless, to discredit the benefit of oils on the basis of it being used by pagan religions would be the equivalent of saying that all animal sacrifices are of the devil, completely ignoring the fact that Yah told the children of Israel to offer them to Him. The distinction being Yah reveals details concerning where, who, how, and what sacrifices were acceptable to Him. Hence, this article deals with the importance of being Spiritually grounded so that you won’t be a false apostle sharing this information and you won’t get caught up in the deception pushing a name brand rather than the Name that is above every name. My support of any company is based on their commitment to quality and them taking no stance concerning religion is preferred rather than them taking a stance against Christianity.  However, be it known this day that if any company that I support are found to practice the use of essential oils in a manner contrary to scripture those practices will not be used by me.

Having said that I have discovered, that the company that I purchase my oils from do borrow some of their uses of the oils from pagan traditions.  As a result I do not support using essential oils in that fashion and will no longer offer Raindrop Technique as a service to my customers.  This is not to say that I won’t use the oils for therapeutic purposes.  I will keep my use and promotion of the oils centered on the wisdom of scripture along with the caution that scripture reveals concerning it.

For good cause, Paul addresses this issue as it relates to eating things offered to idols. We (Believers) know that an idol is nothing and that it all comes from God. (1 Cor. 8:4-7) Essential oils come from God they are not something that Hindu’s or Buddha can take credit for unless we give it to them. How can this become an issue? Paul specifies clearly, if our eating causes another brother to stumble. Here in lies the dilemma in sharing the oils with others when we use terminology that is associated with Pagan use of the object it opens the door to use the oils for pagan practices and opens the door to possibly even more dangerous arena’s if we aren’t prayerful and led in how we share, and very important shed light on the truth concerning those who are connecting this to pagan practice.  We must be careful what terminology we use, because when we use the names that have been originated by pagan practices we give credence to them and substantiate their ritual. We must endeavor to keep our language biblical so that in doing so the only source anyone who engages in communication will have to rely on is what does scripture say concerning it.

The issue is simply this, laying on of hands is not a sin, however, if we are engaging in it in a way other than that which is prescribed by the Great Physician then we enter into dangerous territory. Like in our nation ignorance of the law is not an excuse and thus we must repent. On the other hand if we associate that which is of God falsely to that of an idol we are equally guilty and our lack of knowledge of scripture and embracing of all that Yah has made available for us could cause someone to die that Yah desired to live because we failed to embrace all that scripture has said concerning healing and health. Thus the instructions of Proverbs, brings clarity, that in all our getting let us make sure we get an understanding. (Prov. 4:7)

How do we dishonor our Head in using the oils?

The same way we dishonor our head when we eat, because herbs, and oils are things that were in times past and are currently used by both believers and nonbelievers in cooking and for health. What made those in 1 Cor. 8 as we just read weak? They associated the food they were eating to sacrifices offered to idol’s hence who were they blessing or attributing blessing too? Whatever god they were serving in times past hence, their conscience was convicted at the eating of meat. When we eat who are we instructed to break bread and give thanks to? According to Yahushah who by example demonstrated when feeding the multitudes, he gave thanks to Abba (Yahweh) His and our Father if we are in Him. (Matt. 14:19) Who are you blessing and giving thanks to when you present the oils? Is it to man or to Yah? Satan always imitate’s and plagiarizes anything Yah does because that’s all he can do since he can’t originate anything but lies. His abuse of a substance doesn’t discredit Yah’s use of it. We give Satan glory when we do it in his name as opposed to Yah’s name and character and act independent of His Spirit.

Scripture teaches us that if we obey Yah’s word we will be blessed, and if we disobey we will be cursed, this is a fundamental law that is like the law of gravity it applies whether we believe it or live by it. What brings about lasting healing (wholeness) is loving obedience to YHWH by adhering to His word and being led by His spirit and it is in our obedience to His word and the leading of His Spirit that we receive results. It is by the stripes of Yahushah (Jesus) Christ that we are healed. He is the anointing that destroys every yoke of bondage in our lives. The information that I provide to you is for the distinct purpose of connecting you to the Creator of the oils and the substance that He uses has its benefit because He made it so, not for any other purpose.

I share the true treasure behind the essentials in the oils with the express purpose of connecting you with the Word of God which if applied to our lives brings restoration and healing. My ministry is one of reconciliation to YHWH and teaching believers how to live a sanctified, balanced life in Messiah Yahushah.