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Food for Thought

How often do we stop reading the bible just before we get to our breakthrough?  I know we like to read the assuring promises of God, but few of us will endeavor to keep reading His conditions.  We want to hear all the things the Father says we are doing right, but we usually stop reading just before he shows us the areas where we need to be corrected and it is only in the area that we need to be corrected can we receive the answer to that which plagues us.  It is only until I am told that I am going in the wrong direction can my eyes be open to see and know there is a right direction that I can take to get to my destination.  I encourage my readers with this little side note the Lord dropped in my spirit today.  Keep reading!  Don’t just stop at the scriptures that give you comfort, but keep reading through the scriptures that give you conviction, so that you can receive the courage you need to follow through with God’s plan for your life.