Biblical Health Coach Program

Jordan Rubin is offering his Ten course Biblical Health Coach Certification course for FREE!!  That is right you heard me, this Ten course 40 hour program that is far more valuable than money could buy anyway, is being made available for free.  So I suppose it is true the best things that give life are FREE.   If you would like to join Transformation Lifestyle in taking this online course and work together as a team to support one another on this journey to wellness then I encourage you to register.  I don’t know how long this will last but I know that you will want to get in while you can.  Be apart of making a difference in your family, community, and ministry.

Also, I expect that Yah will be sharing valuable insight as I go through this process and of course I will be sharing anything I receive here and if you sign up you can do the same.

Get Organized

If you decide this is for you understand this is independent learning which means you will have to schedule your time to go through this course around your schedule.  You will also need to be consistent and realistic.  If you know you have a busy schedule or you know you aren’t a morning person or can stay up late at night don’t develop a schedule that you know won’t work.  Finding 40 hours to complete this training will not be easy but the transformation that this will make in your journey to a better lifestyle will be well worth it, and you’re not alone.  I will be with you and since my schedule is about to get increasingly busy as well.  So if we can commit to doing an hour a day Monday – Friday we should be able to complete this project in eight weeks, which is only two months.

June 18, 2014

Today, I started on Eating to Live

This portion included the greeting and instructions for how the course works.

I was able to complete The State of our Health

Learning about health with a Biblical worldview is powerful.  We not only have the opportunity to transform lives for healthier and more productive lives on earth, but we also have the opportunity to connect those who we care about with the Creator.  We have the opportunity to glorify the Father as reach out to our families and communities.

Putting what you Learn to Use

If you’re like me retaining information is not the easiest thing to do, so one way that you can retain all this valuable information you will receive is by putting it to use right away.  Apply what you learn and begin developing your notes into a presentation either through powerpoint, flash presentation, or blogging them.  By doing this you not only help yourself but you recruit others to join you on this journey to a healthier lifestyle and in turn their involvement makes it easier for you to stay on task.

Work as a team?

We are not called to be lone rangers, if you are married consider both of you getting certified.  You then have an in house second witness to the plan of Yah.  If you are not, consider doing a health club/class at your house or at the library.  In this way everyone agrees to go through the same course together at the same pace.  Meet once a week over appetizers or meal, even rotate location so that no one person has the burden of always preparing for it, and make that the time you discuss together what you learned or what your thoughts are.  This allows you to hold each other accountable and benefit from the knowledge of more than one brain housing the information.  Caution: Don’t make the group too big, even Yahushah said he couldn’t shepherd the masses, so what makes you think you can? (Matt. 9:36)  It is good if we be as our Master and our Master worked with 12 so that’s a good number to limit it too. (Matt 10:25)


I am still on the first module. I wanted to make this learning experience one that I could practically share with others so I am taking my outline notes and putting them into a powerpoint.  The wealth of information from the FIRST MODULE alone produced over 100 pages of notes in outline form.  I didn’t anticipate how long it would take to transfer those notes into a workable powerpoint, however, I know by the time I am done I will have it formatted in a way that I can easily share what I have learned over a series of classes.  It is going to be a major undertaking to prepare the people of Yah for the harvest that is soon to come and the wilderness experience we are going to encounter.

Excited about discovering how Yah will equip me to share this information with others.  Expecting great things from our Great God.  HalleluYAH!!

Update 09/14/14

Believe it or not I am still on Module 1 putting my notes into Powerpoint form to make it usable to share has been brutal.  However, I will be taking my quiz this week to complete module one.  However, I have learned a valuable lesson to build my powerpoint as I go along so that I won’t run into this problem again.  I will be ready when I get to the quiz in the next session to take it.  I have to go back and fill in all my graphics, but I can gladly do that later with over 300 slides from transferring notes alone, it was a monumental task, but finally got it all done.  Whew!  However, still super excited about being a Biblical Health Coach.  Will post my grade when I have completed and share any other new updates as they become available.

Update 09/30/2014

I have completed module one with a 100% score on my module quiz.  I learned some useful techniques for making this process move much faster.  Though I technically finished over a month ago it took me another month or more just to complete my powerpoint.  So, I learned this time to work on my Powerpoint as I work through the course.  I find I am more motivated to accomplish something if the purpose is greater than for my own personal benefit.  So my goal is to create presentations that I can use to teach others in a way that they can run with the truth and their lives can be impacted for Yah’s glory.  So, once I am complete you can expect that I will be hosting both online podcasts and face to face presentations.  So this is where I am for now, will keep you posted.


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