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Preparing For Eternity

I created a podcast to share information and find solutions for the care of those suffering from Dementia related illnesses, as well as for reversing and preventing the disease. This podcast however deals with a much more important aspect of life, what happens after life. Planning for eternity is something we should all do. I hope this podcast inspires you to do just that.

Listen to the newest episode of my podcast, A Heart 2 Serve: Preparing For Eternity

Welcoming in 2019

For many of us last year was a year of embracing lots of change, challenges, and finishing.  There has been an intense battle, restructuring, and coming into acceptance of some things.  The political unrest has only added to the personal drama that has unfolded in the lives of those of us in America, or perhaps I will say my life.  Nevertheless, we mustn’t spend too much time focusing on what the headlines are screaming at us, but rather listen for that still small voice that leads us by cloud during the day and by a pillar of fire at night.  The thing about a pillar is it has presence, its steady, and you aren’t going to easily move it, you can choose to move around it or step ahead of it, but it would be in your best interest to first know what it its there to do before making that choice.  Many of us have experienced the pain and trauma associated with side stepping the plan God has had for our life and experienced the turmoil that occurs when we ignore or try to go ahead of that pillar.  Other’s of us have been instructed to make a move and that same pillar that lead us ahead because of our procrastination has caused us to lose our season of opportunity that God has for us.  Standing is only a bad thing when God has told you to walk, walking is only a bad thing if God has told you to sit, and sitting is only a bad thing if God has told you to stand.  Understanding what God is saying to us right now is highly important.  There are three lessons so far that I have been taught this year that I personally need to work on.  I pray this lesson for me also blesses you.  These lessons are not ordinal but all three are equally as important in order to be where you need to be in 2019 as we prepare for 6019 in the months ahead.

  • Taking Authority in Yeshua’s Name January 1 I celebrated the 16th year anniversary of marriage to my husband.  I am always excited as I think about how God brought us through another year.  Another year of growth, maturity, and challenges.  Anyone who tells you the two becoming one is a cake walk has lied to you.  Marriage is work, but it is worthwhile.  On this day I found myself with stomach pains and usually I know what the culprit is when IBS symptoms arrive but there was no reason whatsoever that I could figure out why I was experiencing this.  Then it came to me that this is the enemy.  I had just committed to my year of listening through the word of God.  Made a conscious repented decision to forgive all those that I might have been holding any resentment against, and essentially cleaned my slate for a fresh start.  When I came to myself and realized that the enemy had no angle by which he could justifiably bring this pain to me I just finally decided enough was enough and took authority in Yeshua’s name over the pain.  Did my due diligence of laying on of my hands with application of peppermint oil on my abdomen and prayer.  Put my foot down in the Spirit realm and told the pain it had to go, and chose to believe what I said.  I realized then that if we are where we ought to be in the one nine that the enemy has no authority to attack us.
  • Sticking to the pattern On day two I have been learning how to teach English to chinese students and every mentor has been very helpful at providing instruction.  What I have to say I appreciate about the process is their commitment to excellence and their approach to correction.  Their form of mentoring is much the way I believe the Father corrects us.  Especially when He sees that we are trying our best.  Rather then discouraging you from trying, they encourage you to keep going.  What the Father revealed to me through this process was the importance of sticking to the pattern.  I am learning through this process that we lose points in our walk with God when we ad lib or appropriate creative license.  One of the lessons they teach is because each student will likely come across many different instructors when you change the wording of a sentence you effect their ability to understand what you are saying and to progress in their development.  Spiritually this taught me that when we apply creative license to the pattern God has provided for our lives we affect the growth and development of those we mentor.  Remember its not all about you but all about the person you are teaching learning what you have to offer.  In the Kingdom of God it is all about us sticking to the pattern of God’s word our success and legacy is dependent on how we stick to the pattern established. Like an actor reading a script, you don’t get to pick the words in the script the director/producer does.
  • Knowing His Voice – I have read through the bible 3 times in my lifetime, but this year I have been impressed upon to hear the bible.  Sometimes we can read words and miss something, that if we are listening to it will jump right out at us.  I have begun the process of listening through the bible and allowing the Lord to determine where I start.  It is going to be important in this hour that we become more accustomed to hearing the voice of the Father and knowing when he is speaking and when he is not.

It has been a while since I have written an entry on Transformation LIfestyle, I look forward to the fresh manna YHVH will be sharing this year and praying that you have a prosperous New Year in 2019 and when the Biblical New Year of 6019 comes in a few months from now.