A Day Goes By…19 Days and Counting…

Today is the nineteenth day and the third week and fifth day of the week counting the omer.  I didn’t find any references today but this being the third week and fifth day connects us to the life of Jesus (Yahushah) Christ and five meaning grace and also represents the day of the fish and fowl meaning we have to overcome the temptation to be brought down from the Spiritual high that we have in Messiah to the dirt so we can be on the devil’s menu.  Or we will have to overcome tribulation which is pressure to conform to this world and it’s ways or be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  Remember when the test is in session the Teacher is quiet.

Have you ever wondered why God didn’t intervene before they ate of the fruit?  I mean it’s not like he was absent when things were taking place, remember our God is omnipresent.  Which is to say everywhere at once.  It’s because love not tested is it really love?  This hits home because it’s the things we say and do in opposition to the ones we say we love that really reflect our love walk.  So today, I am encouraged to overcome this problem by only speaking life to and about people.  Continue to speak death to the enemies plan, but will only speak life concerning the things of God.  The word is powerful and sharper than any two edged sword sometimes we need the pauses in a day to meditate longer on what has already been said.  The fact that God gives us two days in a row without chronicling an activity points to that fact.  Have a blessed day and meditate on the goodness of the Lord.


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