Taking Hold of Your Senses

The Fifth Characteristic of a Serpent that Every Believer Should Have

We are constantly being bombarded with  news from every angle and often times it is hard to know what the truth really is.  However, it is so very easy to go off half cocked with all guns blazing when we read or hear something that strikes a chord on our heart string.  However, there is a reason why we are not to judge according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. (John 7:24)  Appearances can be deceitful, and by itself makes a poor witness to condemn a man, not because of what we see but what we don’t see.  The seconds before the crime was done could determine if a person is guilty or if they had been framed.

One of the characteristics of a serpent that we can learn from in this instance is to take heed to how they receive stimuli.  They receive stimuli from their forked tongue, that is constantly tasting the surroundings as it moves along.  Thus it has something tangible to base it’s decisions on.  We already discussed before that its not sensitive to airborne sound, which can be a lot more deceitful then the tangibility of what you touch, or taste which requires direct contact with you making you a witness who experienced what you were exposed to.

It receives stimuli from the forked tongue that constantly tastes the surroundings as the animal moves along.  This means it is informed.  It hears both sides of the story and relies on something tangible, not on lip service or air waves which is fickle, but it has to have hard evidence to make it’s decision.  We are not to be bearers of untruth, false witnesses, or gossipers of unsubstantiated information.  But we had better have something that our senses have in some way encountered to base our decisions on.  Matt. 12:36; Mar. 7:15

Things to Ponder this week?

  1. Have we looked sideways at a situation and made a verdict or condemnation based on half information?
  2. Are we really concerned about truth or more interested in having something to tell? There was a man who witnessed the death of King Saul and in his excitement to tell the soon to be King David of Saul’s demise he communicated an untruth that he thought would rind him a handsome reward with the soon to be King of Israel, David.  In his haste he fail to understand that David was a man after God’s own heart and took no delight in the slaying of God’s authority even though that authority sought to take his life. (1 Sam. 31:4-5; 2 Sam. 1:2; 2 Sam. 4:10)  This mans reward was death, and that was what he was paid for his tale bearing.  We had better be careful about how quick we are to want to be the bearer of bad news, and take part in wicked schemes, lest we find ourselves receiving of the same sort of reward.

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