Losing Weight the Healthy Way

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting, and unsuccessful weight loss programs and pills?  Looking for a new fresher approach?  Well, why not consult The Physician who has never failed a patient?  The Physician who knows the body better than anyone else can, in fact the Physician who breathed the breath of life into mankind and man became a living soul.  Yes, I am referring to the Bible.  The Word of God has a lot to say concerning health.

A friend of mines name Alisa Greene challenged me to share a lot of the principles that the Lord has shown me over the years concerning health.  While I have not yet apprehended my desired level of health I have been an advent student of the Word of God and health for years.  After undergoing six surgeries that cost me way more than I ever imagined I have devoted my time to finding natural remedies to common ailments.  When provided the opportunity to share some of what I have learned over the years to be a blessing to others I hesitantly jumped at the opportunity.  I am used to blogging and one on one or small group fellowships but speaking to large groups where the focus is on me was a little intimidating.  Especially in a lecture oriented setting.  I like to get feedback so you will find that my class style typically encourages questions and feedback.  Nevertheless I was ready for the challenge of a lifetime and that it was.

Now less than a week since my class I am ready to share the benefits of this class with you.  While we spoke very candidly about making healthier life choices and sustainable lifestyle changes we also had time afterwards for a smoothie bar.  We were able to test different combinations of smoothies and try out different blenders to examine the pros and cons of each.  Handouts were also made available for those who attended.  Now I am ready to share this wildly exciting experience with you.

I will be uploading a 21 day course for each of these newer you lifestyle habits that will transform your life.  Included in each day will be the following:

  1. Devotional reading to start your day
  2. Recipe Journal to plan and keep track of your meals
  3. A calendar so that you can make sure that you eat on time
  4. A Log sheet so you can measure your success.  How well you did in a day

This transformation requires 189 days of commitment to the instructions and a lifetime and generations of benefiting from the transformation.

Visit Life Ready Tutoring for more information


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