Understanding the Art of Spiritual Warfare: Part IV


          It is only after we have pulled down our strongholds are we able to be ready to revenge all disobedience. So the question is, have you fulfilled your obedience?   Are you walking according to the instructions that God has laid out in His word? Right now, Yah is calling us back to that place of obedience. Back to the beginning, to not eat the things he said not to eat, to guard his Sabbath, feast days, etc… He is returning us to the ancient paths. (Jer. 18:15)

The prodigal son is being called out of the hog pin to return to the King. It’s time to really understand what the scripture means by not to forsake the assembling of ourselves, in context of scripture and not our Western misinterpreted mindset which has equated the Holy Feast days and the required convocations thereof with the weekly one person speaks while you sit quietly from a pew looking at the back of each other’s heads. No, there is only one way to know those who labor amongst you and it won’t be done in a public setting, as it was with the Messiah so shall it be with us, it is only those who “come and see” privately that will get the personal revelation. In public it is in parables that our Lord will speak, because as stated earlier, Yah doesn’t expose His plan to the enemy. (1 Cor. 2:8) The prince of this world knows not the details of God’s plan.   Our God doesn’t cast his pearls amongst swine, nor give that which is Holy to dogs. (Matt. 7:6) Therefore, the carnal man won’t know the plans of God, and therefore only the Spirit man will be in tune to the details of God’s mission.

Now is the time, for the battle is on, to get in the Spirit, so that you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh, and become a casualty of war.



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