Understanding the Art of Spiritual Warfare: Part I

We are in a war and please believe that the lines have already been drawn. Your choices determine which side you will be on. We must understand, just as no commander lays out his strategy to the enemy, that our Father doesn’t make his word plain to those who are not his.


books1         As Isaiah prophesied seeing they won’t perceive and hearing they won’t understand. (Isa. 42:20) It’s like speaking in morse code, yeah anyone can hear the code over the air waves but only those versed in that code will get the message.

Yehoshua tells us that all things which he has heard of his Father he has made known to us. (John 15:15) This doesn’t apply to the world, but to the believer. This is why an Evolutionist can look at the same thing a Creationist look at and come up with two different conclusions.   Only those who are spiritual can understand spiritual things, the carnal man cannot know the things of the spirit. For no man knows the things of the spirit, but by the spirit. (1 Cor. 2) It is given unto us to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, not to the masses. (Matt. 13:11) Think of it this way, the Captain only give orders to the soldiers on the field. Though the soldiers protect a nation of people, the Captain doesn’t give his strategy to the nation. He gives orders to those who are committed to follow him.

So, have you made your commitment yet or are you sitting on the sidelines in the valley of decision?

                That is why those who lack wisdom are instructed to come to God, it didn’t say come to the word, because it is the Father that must reveal his will, and then the instructions to complete his will is found in his word. (Jas 1:5) Orders must first be given by the Commander and Chief before they can be written. As it is with Yah so it is with us, it is out of our will that we speak and write.  All things must be done decently and in order. First one must think, before they write or say. Now the latter two can be done in either order and with modern technology at the same time, but you can’t write or speak without first thinking.



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