CPT (Colored People’s Time) Can Get You Killed

In this hour we cannot afford to be late coming into the understanding of what Yah is doing. How be it only a remnant will be saved? Why only a remnant? Because not all of Israel will repent. Not all Israel will return. Will you be apart of the few or will you continue to run with the majority?
Israel didn’t discern the time of her visitation. Don’t make that fatal mistake. She has chosen to be ignorant concerning the ways of her Messiah. She has taken in other Baal’s for her husband. Like the women without oil in their vessels missed the time of their Lord’s return. Likewise we stand in danger of missing His appointed times that he has made known to His people. Coming to the understanding of Yah’s call to return to Torah won’t give us centuries to conform it is a quick work He is doing. It is time to put away pagan practices and return to biblical truth.


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