A Sanctified Plate

When it comes to ideas and innovation I am the queen of coming up with stuff. I enjoy encouraging others to pursue their dreams and helping them bring their thoughts to life.   I remember when my nephew was under nine we were stuck in a car together leaving from Atlanta to Columbia, S.C. I was never one who could travel long distances without getting sleepy so I thought it would be great to have company on the way. However, I soon realized that nine year old’s are not very talkative when they are cooped up in a car and that like myself sleep is exactly what they want to do. This wouldn’t work for both of our safety so I prayed and asked the Father to show me how I can engage him. I was just over twenty one at the time and in order to make the time go faster and encourage him I remember telling him I could build the best amusement park ride of all times. This of course encouraged him to use his mind to come up with something better than me. Therefore, I used this opportunity to provoke him to greatness and to expand his imagination to think BIG and dream BIG. This trip would become an etched memory in my mind that would last forever and we both enjoyed it. I saw Yah transform a dull mundane trip into an engaging and exciting conversation that challenged us both in something we both enjoyed.

In the area of design and imagination I am abundantly rich, however, in the area of focus and consistency I am an abysmal failure, with the exception of writing. For some reason the greatest challenge for me to conquer are finances. Something about just sitting down and looking at the “books” fill me with grief. Today, as I was pondering what it was about this area of my life that makes me feel so defeated I found the answer in how I fix a plate. See, in my mind having a separate plate or dish for desert, unless of course its ice cream seems like a waste of resources, yet what Yah is revealing is the same way I do not see the need to sanctify a plate, it is the same reason why I can’t get finances. Everything must have its place and order brings about harmony which brings about clarity which is necessary to have success. I know that if I ever plan to achieve success I am going to have to understand finances and indeed I do want to I just haven’t found an angle of it that gets me excited. A system that provides that harmony that allows for leaving a permanent memory that I want to go back to so that I can implement it in my daily life. When I relive that moment in the vehicle with my nephew I get the warm fuzzies and more ideas about how I can encourage people to build upon what God has given them and provoke them to greatness.

When I think of finances my head spins and this feeling of great depression and failure comes to mind. I know that this is the enemy, and I have to overcome it. Don’t get me wrong I like making money, its managing it that is not my forte.

Yah wants us to have victory over every area of our lives and recognize the reality of the scripture that our strength is made perfect in weakness. (2 Cor. 12:9) So I am excited about the fact that as I confess this weakness to Him that He will give me a system of checks and balances that will strengthen me.


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