There’s Something About that Name – El Elyon

In this week’s study on the name of God we will explore the Most High – El Elyon. We first encounter the Most High as Abram eats bread and wine with Melchizedek. (Gen. 14:17-20) Whose name means my righteous King, which perfectly describes the Most High God possessor of heaven and earth. The Hebrew word for Most High God is El Elyon and it appears 53 times in scripture with the strongs number for reference being H5945. As we continue to read we see that Abram did what we should expect to do when we encounter the mediator (Priest) of the Most High, he gave. Just think about it, if you met the intercessor, mediator, between God and yourself and you of course reverence God wouldn’t you want to be a blessing to such a man? This is the motivation of many believers who give love offerings as well as their tithes to the ministry that they attend, but when you really know that you know that this is a Priest of the Most High wouldn’t you want to give the best of what you got? I know I do, so much so that sometimes I want to keep it so that when that day comes I’ll be able to lay it at his feet, just like that woman who saved her oil and poured her costly anointed oil all over the lord of Glory, Yahushah in preparation for His burial. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be empty handed I want to be wise enough to save my oil so that I can have it to see my King, to not let my light burn out before I reach the finish line.

The Hebrew picture for this word El Elyon is basically two words, the first one being singular form of Elohim, El and Elyon meaning supreme, lofty, elevation. All of which accurately describes our heavenly Father. As his ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts our thoughts. (Isa. 55:8)


El is the singular form of Elohim and it is comprised of the Aleph which is the ox’s head and means strength as well as first. The second character is Lamed which is a rod or shepherds staff and means authority as we see this was the natural illustration he gave Moses to demonstrate the Father’s power and judgment. When we put these two characters together we see that El is the First Shepherd or Strong Authority.



The first character in Elyon is the picture of an eye ball and is pronounced in Hebrew Ayin. Since the eye is associated with knowledge it carries the meaning to know, or to see, again we have the shepherd’s staff which we discussed above. The third character is named Yad in Hebrew and it is the picture of a closed hand with arm and carries the meaning, to throw, make, do, or work since these are all functions of the hand and arm jointly.   The fourth character is the Hebrew word Vav which is the picture of a nail or nail peg. Both having the same function to secure something or establish something as well as to add. The last character in Hebrew is called Nun and it is the picture of a seed sprout.   As you know a seed produces life and therefore the meaning is life or to continue since the purpose of life was to be continuous in its origin, hence the “Tree of Life” had it have been eaten instead of the “Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil” would have produced exactly that eternal life. Thus this is why it is important to be born again not of corruptible seed (First Adam), but of the incorruptible seed of the word of God (Last Adam) that we might have right to eat of the tree of life. So putting everything together we see authority work to establish or secure life. This is what is revealed from the picture.


Now when we think of El Elyon we recognize based on His function that the Strong Shepherd or authority is the seeing Shepherd that does establish life. What we witness in the testimony of Melchizedek concerning Abram is that Abram knew the Shepherd’s hand established life.

elyon excerpt

We must always remember in the volume of the book it is written of Him. He is the Lord of Glory who came down from heaven and was high and lifted up on a stake for our sake so that we might behold the glory of the only begotten son of God. He obtained all glory and victory over death and hell for us and is now seated at the right hand of the heavenly Father who is the First Authority making intercession for us as our High Priest. What tithe would be acceptable to the one who gave his life for us to be reunited with our God who is His Father and ours? He wants it all and He deserves it all.

The next episode of There’s Something About that Name we will uncover the deep meaning behind the name El Roi, the God who sees.

All Ancient Hebrew Characters provided by Jeff Benner Ancient Hebrew Research Center

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