The Cure for What Ails You

This cure is proven, as not one Apostle died of any plague or pestilence, not one prophet of Yah suffered from any flesh eating bacteria or disease, and though plagues go back as far as Noah so also has the cure. Psalm 91 says to those who believe, Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.” (Psa 91:3) The key to your deliverance is knowing to whom He is speaking. If you have not made Yahushah Lord and Savior this statement is not to you. The same God who delivers His children from pestilence is the same God who put the pestilence upon the Egyptians. (Exo. 11:1) Yet, He says to you who apply His prescription today as they did back then, if you put the blood of Yahushah over your house (your body) that the plague shall Passover you, and shall not be upon you to destroy you. (Exo. 12:13; Isa. 53:5; 1 Pe. 2:24) See there is an antidote for your ill’s, but most doctors can’t get it because this wisdom has been hidden from the wise and the prudent but has been revealed as unto babes. (Luke 10:21)

The pill for your ill’s can’t be concocted in a laboratory, isn’t nestled somewhere in a tropical rain forest under some rare plant, nor does it find itself at the end of a surgeon’s knife. Only one has conquered death and has paid the price for the offense that has made the pestilence possible, that the bible calls sin. (Rom. 6:23) Knowing that you have already been found wanting and that death is your destiny because you fall under the category of sinner should make the second part of this previous verse mentioned resonate like music in your ears. The beauty that eternal life is available to you as a gift, and thank Yah because there is not enough trees on the earth, pearls under the sea, diamonds under caves, or minerals available in the world that could cover your debt. No billionaire can buy their way into this book of life, the VIP list are made up of those who have left everything in this life to obtain everything He has made available in eternity. (Mar. 10:29-31)

To the Saints if Yah is your rock and your fortress why are you anxious as you watch the news? Why are you in fear and torment as you see the devastation taking place on the earth? He has not left you in the dark for He has told us all things before hand, does scripture not say this? (Matt. 24:25; 1 Thess. 5) The only reason why this day could take a believer by surprise is because a believer is sleeping when they should be watching. If you haven’t been hiding the word in your heart rest assured you will sin against him. The only ammunition we have against the enemy is the same one our Messiah modeled for us, and that is to know and say, “what is written”. Make no mistake if you are not living for Christ now you will not be living with Him in eternity.   See I have no reason to hide anything I have to say because the god of this world has blinded the eyes of the lost. (2 Cor. 4:3-4) People who don’t read their bible will most definitely not read these words, if you have made it to the end of this article then it was for you to read. It was for you to receive, it is for you to glean so that you can walk soberly, so that you might ascertain the key of David and have a heart for God. There is no magic to this and like I said earlier you couldn’t afford the cost to this antidote if you were a Trillionaire, no more than Pharaoh could have bought his way out of the plagues that Yah put on the land. The only pill you need is the Gospel and if you receive the good news of Yahushah and you have truly had a change of heart, following his commandments will be a joy to you. Preaching the good news that your loved ones do not have to be a slave to sin by preaching the Gospel and seeing people healed and delivered will consume you. While Egypt shall suffer her plagues the word of Yah says, “He brought them forth also with silver and gold: and there was not one feeble person among their tribes.” (Psa 105:37)

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