Preparing for Life

                When you have a baby you want the whole world to be perfect for them. You want all the ugliness of the daily news to be turned into sunshine. Your desire for them is that every person who enters their life will be handpicked by the Creator. You want them to make wise decisions in every area of life and you see so much potential in them and want them desperately to fulfill that. Then there is the reality that the world isn’t ready for the potential that Yah placed in every single person to accomplish greatness. There is a clear understanding that life has more twists and turns ahead than a roller coaster, more ups and downs than a waterslide. Yet, you know that your contribution albeit small this day will make a huge difference.

                What kind of difference they make is entirely dependent on the hard choices you make to be the primary influence in their lives. Fatherhood and motherhood is a full time job that requires full time assistance from Yah to do well. You are not the sole survivor on this island, your survival depends on surrounding yourself with those who envision this perfect world that you desire to pioneer. They are able to catch the vision of the future and the impact that can be made by following the footsteps of the Ancient of Days. We need the One who knew us before we were formed in the belly. (Jer. 1:5a) Every poor decision we have ever made finds its beginning in ignoring the instructions of the Most High, and every right decision we have made has bore the righteous fruit that comes when we remain hooked up to the true vine.



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