A Reasonable Sacrifice

This was an article I wrote for my Essential Treasures Newsletter a while back, but read it again and it is still a timely word so I decided to repost here.  This message will not gain much popularity from the prosperity seekers, secret pre-tribulation rapturists, or the convenient blessed life without sacrifice faith builders, but will be much appreciated, and many hand’s will clap in Praise for those who are Truth seekers. 

     Despite the soothsayers and well wishers who see nothing but blessing at every corner amidst a people that have fallen further away from the Father there remains a remnant whose eyes are wide open. It is important that we in the Messianic community don’t make the same mistake. It is so easy to get off course and forget that although we should have never stopped keeping the commandments of God we mustn’t back down from the commission to which we are called, and that is preaching the Gospel. The Apostle’s didn’t ask for boldness to keep the Torah they just did it. They asked for boldness to preach Messiah and in the midst of all of the things that Yah is restoring there is a foundation that has been laid that we must be very careful not to allow to be uprooted. The world is ever changing but his precepts have never changed. He wasn’t tolerant of sin then and even less so now.

     The focus for many of us who have come into the Hebraic roots of our faith and opened our eyes to the times we are living in as pointed out in scripture has been to find away to avoid tribulation. The simple fact of the matter is that was not what the Messiah wanted us to focus on. Self preservation was not put into his plan, but rather being a living sacrifice. A living sacrifice doesn’t have the luxury of choosing how or when they make their exit off the altar they stay focused on the purpose in which they are called and completing the task at hand. No amount of preparation in the natural for the days ahead will change the fate to which we are called. We mustn’t forget that all the Apostles were Torah observant yet they didn’t escape the tribulation of their day. We may not all be called to survive until the end, but we are all called to be faithful until the end. The convenience of living a comfortable life is a temptation in and of itself and probably represented the greatest challenge to the disciples. It’s always easier to be strong when you are around other believers who believe as you do. It’s easy to share the gospel with people whom you know will receive it, the challenge comes when men will reject you for sharing the same information that brought life to those whose hearts were prepared to receive. The simple truth of the matter many will be wilderness ready, yet not heart ready. Many will be prepared to fight to live, but unwilling to serve unto death. Remember this was Peter’s deal he had no problems fighting to live, but dying a different story. Living to share the gospel is one thing, but dying to share it is a different story.

     In our preparing for the days ahead let us not rule out the possibility that as a living sacrifice unto Yah that we may be called to die as that sacrifice rather than escape. Our death may be our means of serving. As awesome as it may be to have a spouse and children the simple fact of the matter is many of us may have to accept the fact that we may not be called to have such things but instead must receive the higher calling of laying down our lives so that many others might be able to have life. Remembering as Paul said those who are married are concerned about the affairs of their spouse which in other words is another way of saying they are vested in the things of this life. Whereas those who are not concern themselves with the things of Yah which means they are invested solely in Christ which brings about a focus on the things of eternal life.


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