Manual for Life

We wouldn’t even consider putting together a complex storage shelf or programming a television without a manual. Yet many of us have neglected to read the manual for life. We have read around it, about it, and interpreted it to fit our needs, but we haven’t studied it as we would a manual. When we read a manual we read it with the intent to put what we learn into action immediately. Is this how you view the bible when you read it? Do we read the bible as a chore or as a love letter from the one who loves us? Are we excited to learn of the instructions of the Lover of our soul or do we consider them bondage to us? Manuals are aids that help us to do things right the first time. Perhaps our lives fall short of our expectations because we refuse to listen to the counsel of the one who created time and is not subject to it. We have a short time to do a quick work and without the Creator’s instructions we are at a loss for fulfilling our purpose. So, I will ask what are you trusting in, in discovering your purpose? Who are you looking to for answers? Is it people, fans, customers, family members, or the Almighty.

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