There is a Way that Seemeth Right

     I suppose for the past few days my mind has been in a fog.  I have been so fixated on my own personal struggle and questioning what is or isn’t the will of God for my life as it pertains to children that I have forgot that there is a major battle out there.  While I have a desire to bring life in the earth there is a very real presence in the atmosphere that is determined to kill, steal, and destroy all of those who were made to be in the image and likeness of the Most High.  Still using the very same trick he did on Eve, convincing us that being in the image and likeness of the Almighty is something we have to ascertain on our own, rather than just submit to following Yah out of a natural love for him because he created us for greatness. 

The video link I have added to this post is not one that I recommend for everyone (especially if you are under 18) and I normally don’t like to promote these sort of videos but if you are completely ignorant concerning the demonic forces that are behind the scenes of the society we live in I encourage you to muddle your way through it.  There are a few times that inappropriate language is used and some rather vulgar acts of inappropriate action which should be expected from those who are working for the enemy of our soul.  However, unfortunately, nothing that if you are from the U.S. is anything out of the norm of what we or our children for that matter are not already exposed to just from watching regular television or walking through any number of stores that sell magazines, have video games, music, or the like that they can listen to.

However, as a parent especially with a child who is of age you would be derelict in your responsibility to protect your children without knowledge of the world that you force them to engage in if they are at any point not in your eyesight or have access to the internet (unrestrained) or television (unrestrained).   Having said that, if nothing else you will come out of it realizing the extreme importance of prayer in this hour.

The scripture motivation for this post actually appears twice in the book of proverbs.  Prov. 14:12 and Prov. 16:25…  We mustn’t rely on our own mind to make righteous decisions, the end will lead to destruction.  Unfortunately, so many of these pop stars who become caught up in the hype of fame and fortune think that the end justify the means and unfortunately find themselves gaining the world but losing their soul. (Mar. 8:36)  We have a responsibility to guard our children from this worldly music, and reveal to them that true wealth doesn’t have to be acquired by heaping up stuff in this life, but that true wealth comes as we surrender our hearts and our lives to the Creator who has eternal rewards for His sons and daughters. 


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