Prayer for a Transformed Life

Dear Abba (Father)

                I only want to have a taste in my mouth for things that bring life. Give me a nasty taste for things that are artificial, chemically synthetic, unclean, and unprofitable for this body you have given me. Give me a want to, to exercise. Meet me as I walk, let every step I take be a lamp to the way you would have me to go in my day. Let me hunger and thirst after righteous things and let those things bring a truth to my heart I have never known before. Increase my faith so that the mountains in my life are mere hills in process to become valleys so that I am not under them but they are under me. Prepare my body so that I am not subject to the curse of Eve because I have made Yahushah my Lord and Savior and He has saved me from sickness and dis-ease. Renew my mind so that the things that you have created for me to enjoy I have a mind to desire those things. Prepare me, Father Yah for better things untwist every kink in my thinking, in my body, and in my soul, what I am asking only you can do and that is to make me whole. Whole as I came as a newborn babe full of promise and not ashamed for naked I came, for all that life has to offer I want to experience it. For life only comes from within you, so what I really want is to be like you, in your image and likeness. This is my prayer for a transformed life.


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