Banana Berry Cream Supreme

Lactose Intolerant lovers special this will surely be a favorite delight for the whole family…

Okay, so as many of you know if you had a chance to read my review of the different blenders that I have been raving about the Nutribullet 900HP.  Well, after seeing in Wal-Mart an actual device that takes frozen bananas and make them into ice cream I decided to give my nutribullet a new task.  It was daunting and the outcome unsure, but if I could make my home famous dairy free banana ice cream in my nutribullet it would solve a whole host of problems, but I wanted to tweak my recipe just a smudge by adding some other healthy ingredients to actually make ice cream not only yummy but Ultra healthy as well.  Well, I am posting it because my experiment was a HUGE success.  So much so that I won’t have to buy another device but rather I can use my ole faithful Nutribullet which is proving to be a heavy contender for fully replacing my Vitamix 3600.  I tell you sometimes the best things come in the smallest packages or shall I say bullets.  🙂  So here it goes…

Trust me you will want to do this with the Nutribullet I have tried this frozen treat with both the Ninja Healthmaster and Vitamix 3600 and it just can’t cut up those frozen strawberries without taking lots of time and overworking the motor, but the Nutribullet takes it like a champ.  For the first time it took me less time to make the ice cream than to prepare it.  The time factor and the work that it required of my blender is what caused me to stop making this dessert.  Trust me the Nutribullet is worth its fractionated investment.  Especially when you consider portability, ease of use, time, cleanup, proportion, and expense.  This baby can still be purchased for far less than either the Ninja or Vitamix can.


 Organic Herb Mix

1 handful (big hands use half as much)

 1 peeled frozen banana (ultra ripe) for sweetest taste  
 Handful of frozen organic blueberries  
 3 frozen organic strawberries  
 Handful of raw cashews  
 1 scoop of Balance Complete

This can be purchased by clicking on the picture. 

 1/3 cup of old fashion oatmeal  
 7 organic Apricot seeds (Remember seeds not the pit)

Can be found on

 2 tbsps of honey (local or raw)  
 1/3 cup of Almond milk or coconut milk  

2 thoughts on “Banana Berry Cream Supreme

    1. mrsmc4life Post author

      It was very yummy… However, you may not want to use the honey for blood sugar regulating purposes.


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