Declaration of Righteous Dependence on Yah


                 This fourth of July we celebrate the liberty we received as a nation from British Rule. We acknowledge the twenty-seven reasons under which we sought separation from Britain and chose to establish our own government. This founding document clearly acknowledges that our sovereignty is based on the inalienable rights provided to us by our Creator.

                The Declaration establishes that we as mankind have inalienable rights, as well as to whom the Giver of those rights are. This being the introduction to what would be our governing document, the Constitution, would clearly reveal that the founders of the United States of America had an understanding of the priority Yah (God) played in their existence. The constitution separates the first ten amendments, which are called the “Bill of Rights” which mimic the same style of writing we see in the Bible when Yah proclaims the “Ten Commandments”. Is it mere coincidence? Like the Ten Commandments the Bill of Rights also do not constitute the whole of the laws given, yet they do set a level of priority and governing framework for which all other amendments are built from. Is this coincidence or divine providence?

                Just in case that wasn’t enough of a clue for us to see the hand of the Almighty involved in our founding the very first part of the ten amendments deal with freedom of Religion. Why would it be important for people to have freedom to organize or assemble according to their faith not be hindered by government intervention? This isn’t hard to understand if we just understand the history that caused the birth of this nation to begin with. Consider the interesting wording, it is clear just in how it was worded that there was a high regard for religion and a strong desire to protect the right of the people to exercise their religious convictions. Take note of the order established here. They could have started it a number of different ways, but the fact that they chose religion reflects the level of importance they considered it to have.

                Scripture defines pure religion and undefiled before the Father as visiting the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and keeping oneself unspotted from the world. (James 1:27) Considering most of the writers had a Christian background and many were Abolitionists they would have understood the benefits of pure religion to free enterprise and recognized the exercising of religion could only benefit any society. I would submit to you that it is the anchor of the text and rightfully so because it is the one freedom that without it all the others become subjective, and thus without the freedom of religion you soon won’t have the other freedoms either.

                Is this not what we see today; the slow eradication of our constitutional rights. Circumstances and precedence is slowly but surely becoming the eraser of these very rights that as indicated in the declaration are God given. Having said that are we on the brink of approaching a time that we will find ourselves saying the same things that lead to our founding fathers declaring independence from the country of its birth? Are we finding ourselves at the place where the course of human events, shall make it necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and are we being forced to choose to side with the unjust laws of mankind over the laws of nature and natures God? How are we to proceed in light of a very real and deliberate act of treason being performed against us based on our constitutional rights? If we abort the Birth we destroy the life within it. If we destroy the Birth Certificate of a nation (The Declaration of Independence) we can destroy the nation produced out of it.

                The unmistakable truth that resides in both documents reflect that humanity must have independence from human rule so that it can be dependent on Yah to rule. We are a government that inspite of popular opinion is not based on the majority rule. Had that been the case many of us would still be forced to work on plantations and in slavery since the majority that ruled considered us as less than human. We are a republic form of government that is based on the laws of the land rule and no one, including those who are in government are above the laws that are written. If we ignore this truth we will abort the very documents that give us legitimacy as a nation and the United States will find itself inevitably becoming the Divided States and history once again will repeat itself. We can only declare independence from tyranny, if we have declared a righteous dependence on God.


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