Shaking Things Into Place

photostudio_1467157743648.jpgI got fitted for a bra the other day and once you get past the uncomfortableness of revealing way more to a complete stranger than you desire the end result is worthwhile. Allowing someone who has majored in your weakness to assist you in dealing with the intimate areas of your life can make a remarkable difference in helping you shape up your presentation to the world. This is what the Holy Spirit does for us, He helps us shape things up in our lives that without knowledge or courage we wouldn’t be able to do ourselves. If we allow Him to He comes in and helps to shape up the areas we are resistant for others to see. Sometimes we have to get out of ourselves to allow someone in so that we can become the person we are destined to be.

I must admit it did help that the one who was assisting me was my stepdaughter instead of a complete stranger. Of course, not even she would have seen all of what hid behind layers of clothing before this event, but it always helps to have someone close to you expose you privately than a complete stranger. This is why relationship with Yah is so critical. When we recognize that he is our Father, and we are no longer just servants, but friends of God then we begin to embrace His counsel for our lives realizing that what he desires for us is better for us. He is not grossed out by our battle scars or intimidated by our belly rolls, he instead instructs us as to how we can shake things into place. This was the remarkable part about this experience for me. As you get older, and especially if you are well endowed, your body begins to form into the prostrate position without any assistance from you. However, manmade apparatuses meant to push you back into place, so to speak require a little help from you and gravity. So, once you put your bra on and move from the upright position to the tilted forward position you can then shake your girls into the cups of the bra, once again experiencing that youthful position with just a little nudge from gravity. We have to shake the ugliness of death from us so that we can embrace the fullness of life in Him. Once we do that then things can be shaken back into their proper place.

I always chose bras without wires, until my bra fitter explained to me that I must have been wearing the wrong size bra if I could feel the wire. Sometimes we are trying to contain big dreams in bowls that are too small. We can’t be afraid to upsize when our dreams are too big to fit in our current cups. Having the right size makes all the difference in having quality support. So if people around you can’t see the vision Yah has put in your heart you may need to enlarge your territory. Perhaps you are wearing the wrong size cup, so to speak. We should always be hard wired into Christ, he is the one size fit all support that we need.

Now, once we are faced with the reality check that our size has shifted, we need not be upset that we are larger than we expected. Enlarging our territory is naturally what occurs when we have matured. Now there are things we shake into place, and then there are things that He puts into place. The natural only reflects the spiritual principles that are at work, but it’s the spiritual picture that we need in order to experience life. Know that our life doesn’t consist of the abundance of things, in fact it’s really the simple things in life we take for granted that has the greatest impact on our purpose. It’s the little things we overlook that builds the big things in our future. We would be amazed at the big revelations we miss that Yah tries to show us in the simple things of life. Who would have ever thought a bra fitting would lead to an article that shares such a profound and simple truth.

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