Barren Motherhood

As desperate as you are to give birth there is a little boy or girl somewhere equally as desperate to have a mother like
you.  The combination of the two is a winning result.  So raise your head and sing aloud ye that did not bring forth,
who escaped the pains of travail for your strength shall be needed to rear children in need of a mother.

So that the rejected child becomes the chosen and the barren becomes the mother.  For we were chosen by the Father, and as a result rejected by the world.  For if ye were of the world they would love you, but because ye are not of the world the world hates you. (John 15:19)  Therefore, don’t let the enemy convince you that you are not beloved of Yah, because your value is not based on your ability to produce in the natural, for remember the Father desires Godly seed.  Godly seed is never born in the natural, only those that are born again by the supernatural love of Yah revealed in our expression to others of our love of Him.

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