A Chosen People


In this assignment to restore the ancient Hebrew characters to God’s children the journey has brought about new friends in new places. As I consider the diversity of my enlarged family and the beautiful diversity that exists within it, I am reminded of scripture. Scripture does not endorse superior races the concept is an evolutionary term that has been used to divide groups of people based on their cultural, geographical, and external differences. The word “race” as we use it won’t even be found in scripture.   For that matter none of the sons that Noah had which repopulated the earth that we have today would use color as a means of division. What we find are nations, tribes, and tongues. While the differences are inherent the focus is not on external appearances but on differences that are based on geographical location and speech, those things which makes relating to one another difficult. However, the beauty of it all is that God would use the very thing he used to divide us at the Tower of Babel to bring us back into the household of faith in the Upper Room. Today He is doing the same thing in restoring us back to himself he is using that which divided us to bring us back together. I have been blessed to meet family who by the world’s definition have been taught to either be foreigners, strangers, or enemies based on strained or purposely divided histories, but how Yah reached over all the boundaries of past hurts and flawed teachings to make of a divided people a peculiar treasure.

The world teaches through the guise of evolution that there is a Superior race, yet scripture reveals the truth of the situation. It is a worldly philosophy that is the counterfeit to the word of God. So if you have been taught or subscribe to that I pray that this article will set you free. If you have been wounded by others because that mindset has been used to make you feel inferior or less than, then this truth shall also make you free. The bottom line is this, there is no evolutionary chain, no Neanderthal man, cave man, or barbarian these terms are made by man and not scripturally sound nor found. The Children of Israel were a chosen people not a superior people. As many of us are awakening to our Hebraic heritage there are some who may not know or subscribe to any biological ancestry to the tribes of Israel and then there are those who are quite aware who they are and of what tribe they belong. Yet, I want you to know that we ought not to boast if we find our link naturally in one of the tribes, nor should we feel as if we are the forgotten stepchild if we find ourselves in only through being grafted. Because truth be told scripture didn’t make a difference by the blood seed even before Christ walked the earth. The law that was given in Mt. Sinai was for the native born and the stranger who sojourned amongst them.

We shouldn’t boast because God makes it clear that we who are in Israel by biological connection were not chosen because of how great we were, nor were we righteous, but because of a promise that was made to Abraham. Deut. 9 In the New Testament scriptures we see Yahushah making this clear to those who were of natural descent who relied on their relationship with Abraham that though they were naturally Abraham’s seed, their Father was not God, but rather the devil because of the deeds (choices) they made.John 8 If nothing else in this article sticks with you let this line stand out above all else, we remain a chosen people so long as we choose Christ. We do not stand with God based on merit, genealogical birthright, nor our ability to keep every single letter of the law. What Yahushah was revealing to them was Torah the New Testament reminder of the Deuteronomy nine lesson that as we come into the awakening of the truth that we remember to remain humble, because indeed we cannot boast against the branches because it is the root that bares us.Rom. 11:18 If we keep Torah for any other reason than because we love God then our hearts are not circumcised even if our flesh is. We mustn’t forget the lesson of the young man Yahushah points out who said he kept the commandments from his youth up, yet he still lacked something in being made complete and what he lacked was not the circumcision of the flesh, it was the one of the heart. Matt 19:17-21 He reaped the benefits of keeping the Law, but chose the benefits and rejected the Giver of them when provided the opportunity. Until we identify with the Law Giver then we are lost, we are reaping the benefits of the principles of the covenant but forsaking the Giver of it. Just as the world uses the principles of God in business and reap the wealth, but takes credit for it rather than giving God the glory. They boast in being self made men rather than God blessed men and make the error of Nebuchadnezzar and find themselves pierced with many sorrows. Of course this doesn’t apply to all with wealth because we know that there were many who walked with Yahushah who had money, but money didn’t have them. This is the point, many of us must remember that even if we are biological descendants of the seed of Abraham we have no need to boast because many of us are in exile because of our ancestors disobedience. We indeed come from the same stiffnecked bunch that Moses had to contend with in the wilderness and the purpose of exile and losing our identity in the world was to humble us as sure as Joseph having to go through the pit, slavery, and prison was made to produce the same humility.

In this hour to see the things we do and to have the understanding we have we are indeed blessed, but the most significant question is now what? What are we going to do with it? Are we going to humbly reach out to our brothers and sisters who are lost and try to help them see the light? Or are we going to separate ourselves from them and boast in our knowledge of the truth while point out their ignorance? Are we going to exemplify the same compassion for them that Yah extended to us to bring us out of darkness into the Light of life? Yahushah, the prophet’s of old, the Apostle’s, and Disciples, all suffered greatly for sharing the same information we have been privileged with to share today and though our feelings have been hurt, many of us have not yet resisted unto blood as they have fighting against sin yet many of us if we are not careful will forfeit a lot of the reward that awaits us because of our brothers and sisters resistance to the truth. Heb. 12:4

                        We know the pattern scripture lays it out for us very clearly we are going to be hated for telling the truth. We are going to be resisted for confronting our brothers and sisters in their sin, but know that we are also going to be judged if we do not warn them as the Prophet Ezekiel taught, and like Jude instructs us many we will save with fear, pulling them out the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.Jud 1:23 It’s hard to pull something out of the fire without getting burned, it is impossible to do so without Yahushah being there with us. We have to know that this truth is going to burn people with rage as they are confronted but we are cautioned to let love prevail, recognizing that without him they are lost just as we were. It is our responsibility to show the Law Giver in the Law to those who are without law. Just as it’s the parents responsibility to train their children and not the other way around it is our responsibility to share the truth we know to those who don’t know it.

In conclusion, the restoration that Yah is doing the greatest issues we in North America will have to deal with is the rooted hatred and bigotry that has stained us as a people. We can’t be victims and victorious at the same time, nor can we be murderer’s and enter into the kingdom of Heaven. What we must do is remember the legacy of Joseph who even when he was abused by his brothers when the Father saw fit to join them together he humbly and wisely understood that all that befell him was for the purpose of preserving life and a necessary part of building him into a Servant of Yah. Likewise is that the goal for us to be in the image and likeness of Yahushah who did not count it as robbery to be equal with God, nor had a problem humbling himself as the Son of Joseph to serve His brethren. So I challenge you to walk in love both tough and tender so that we, as His chosen people, might be found faithful in the final analysis.



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