Strategic Eating

Paul tells us that we do not fight as one who beats the air, yet many of us eat with absolutely no consideration of what our body needs. (1 Cor. 9:26) We satisfy the trigger that tells us we are hungry, but much the same way an ignorant person satisfies the check engine light that appears on the dash of their vehicle. We shut off the warning as quickly as we can without addressing the underlying cause of the signal. Food is a necessary part of living but the question is do we eat for life? For health? Cleansing give us an opportunity to focus on something greater than our bellies. Those who are the called will have to set themselves apart from business as usual to get a greater perspective in Yah. Just as Yahushah would often times set himself apart from even his disciples to get clear instructions from Yah. We must lay aside the weight that keeps us back from being effective for the kingdom. It’s not enough that we are willing but more important that we are able to run the race in which we are called.
We are called to exercise our faith as well as our body. Being a living sacrifice means we should not determine what we do by our comfort or convenience but rather by His purpose and this does not exclude what we eat. The Father starts with what we eat in determining our obedience to Him. Consider the beginning, Yah chose to use food as the measuring stick for Adam and Eve’s obedience and hence love for him. This is powerful, has the God that changes not, changed his pattern? As surely as eating from the wrong tree caused Adam and Eve to surely die, so likewise many of us as believers find ourselves with many sicknesses and diseases that leads towards death because of our lack of adhering to the Bread of Life and the message He presented.
We must develop habits that lead to healthy lives. The work is abundant, but the laborers are few. (Matt. 9:37) Temple cleansing removes that which is unprofitable so that you can put in that which is needed. It is a set apart time that we take to give ourselves to Yah without the distractions of the world entering in. By even preparing for a cleanse you set aside time to prepare meals in advance so that your mind can be focused on what’s more important. As we prepare for the new Biblical Year we need to have the perspective of our Father in order to be prepared for the things that will shortly take most of the world unawares.
In every area of our lives we need to be as wise as serpents, yet harmless as doves. Serpents are strategic in their going after prey. They recognize that food is a necessary part of their survival, we must likewise understand that food is a necessary part of our survival. I am not just talking about the physical, but also the spiritual food. Many of us eat the bread of idleness both physically and spiritually. We are being amused, and consuming imitations of real food and the fruit that these things that we fill our lives with are worthless resides in the fact that we leave empty, unsatisfied, hungry for something else. There is a part of you that only God can fill and there is no supplement that can make up for its deficiency. God is the ultimate reality that we all must face and when we come before Him we do not want to come empty handed.
Today, I just want to prick your mind with the thought that our lives should be lived strategically. Our eating should serve its necessary purpose, and the things that we allow our minds to feed on should not be a construct of empty calories, but should fulfill the purpose in which we were created.

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